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2873 Aran Conjuror and 2811 Daid Dwarf


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I finally finished these two. I'm not happy with the faces, even for tabletop grade, but they come pretty close to what I call good enough.


I like the red robe on the conjuror. I did some wet blending on it and I'm starting to get a feel for that technique -- but it requires so much patience! His vest is a bit messy and my brush control needs some more practice.... again.






And for Dain, well he is a bit rough around the edges, just like the player who calls him "Me." The metallic paint on the axe looks so much better on the game table than in a close up, but I refuse to do the NMM- I make it look like gooey plastic when I try. This is such a good sculpt that I like to keep a copy of the pro painted image from Reaper's gallery in my Mini Pics folder- just so I can admire it.






thanks for looking.

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Aaron looks great to me. I shrunk the image down to roughly actual size, and the contrast really makes him pop, and that cloak is really well done.


The work on the dwarf is good, especially from the back, but from the front he looks a little Christmasy. The shield looks great.

Don't knock yourself for not going the NMM route. Metallic is the original and still the best, and you've done it well here.




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I think you are short-changing yourself on Dain; I think he came out quite well (despite the fact that we are looking at him 20x his normal size) and would call him better than average "tabletop" quality. For using a minimal amount of color, his helmet horns look really good, as does his facial hair. Good reddish hair is fairly difficult to pull off, and his is spot-on. Nice work!



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