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Crimson Red & Riderless Lizard, Hillgiant

Sparrow's Tail

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Hey there everyone,


Thought I would reminisce a little more with a couple of old Partha minis. :rolleyes: The hill giant is circa 1989 and the lizard is a 1985 special 10th anniversary edition I recently repainted. I believe there were some accompanying foot soldiers to go with the rider, all of which have gone the way of the Dodo. :down: Maybe I can get an up to date cool goblin, mercenary, or overlord rider to complete the model. Any suggestions?


The Red Dragon is an Elmore master works from DarkSword. Still a little puttying to do around the wings. I don't think I'll ever be completely satisfied with the wing effect I was going for, but until I am a Jedi painting master it will have to do. :lol:







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I like that giant-- I think Ral Partha marketed him as a firbolg. One of our Players back then liked to use this figure so much when "enlarged" that we finally just said he could play a giant from then on. He was happy, happy happy.


Your repaint is good, too.


The more I look at my old minis and the crude paint jobs, the more I think I need to retire -- and then repaint all those little critters.


By the way, that repaint on the dragon is gorgeous. That is one RP dragon I never bought. I have several of the others, luckily.


keep painting and posting.

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