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Urban Legend Sophie

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I'm working on an Urban Legend Sophie. Because of the subject matter, I'm posting links to the photos, not the photos themselves.


The face is more "finished" than the rest, as I've taken something of a top-down approach. I have not started on highlights for the hair.


Take a look and let me know what you think. To me it looks like the shading on the right breast on the inside edge is a little off, and I need to bring up the facial highlights just a bit.


Sophie's Face

Sophie's Front



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Great. I asked for advice, and I get Bevis and Butthead. Thanks, guys...

My excuse is that I'm posting from work, so I really can't look at the images you posted yet. Since Matt brought up B&B, I figured I'd post an image that I use as my avatar on some other forums. ::D:

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OK - I'll get the thread back on track with some comments.


The 'front' image is a little blurry but I agree that the right breast stands out more than it should. Also, her face seems much lighter than the rest of her skin.


I like the shading on her tummy but the legs seem a little flat.

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I think the right "one" is a bit darker then the left "one", looks good otherwise (says the guy who's been waiting to paint his Sophie since it's release)


Hey, dude, you gonna run some CAV demos now?



Yup, already talked to Devon, Chip want's to wait until theres a physical book to sell. He's very anti-PDF. Store owners, go figure.

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I need to add in some new pictures for Sophie. I worked up more of the highlights and glazed all the skin with Tanned Highlight to brighten it up and smooth out the transistions. It looks much better.


Some of you may remember the Black Troll that took first place in the Large Figure catagory at GenCon Indy last year. It was painted by Vidal Pagan, and he goes by Vindigo on CMON. He lives here in Jax and he dropped by my LGS last Saturday. He critiqued Sophie and I used that feedback when working on the paint job.


Some things he mentioned that I'd like to share. He was saying that once you paint something, it can take a day or more for the paint to completely dry. The paint job will look different after the paint dries than when it is fresh. It is a good idea on a very detailed paint job to let the piece rest a day or so between painting sessions so you can see these changes.


He re-iterated something I've heard from Paintrix, but I guess this time it sank in. He mixes his paint by putting a drop of paint on the palette, then making a puddle of his medium in another area. He also has some clean water, either in another palette well or small cup. He will put his painting mixture in another area.


If he is mixing a color, he will do that by putting the paints in separate areas and mixing his color in a third.


First he puts medium in the well, then water to reach a good consistency. Then he adds just a dab of paint at a time to the medium. The resulting mixture is so transparent that it doesn't look like paint at all. That is what he applies to the mini for layering.


He uses a high-quality watercolor round. I showed him my WNS 7 size 0 and he said that was a good brush. If he has mixed with his brush, he will rinse it thuroughly before he continues. When loading the brush, he dips just the very tip in the paint mixture and applies that to the model. After loading the brush 3 - 4 times, he will stop and rinse it again because the paint will begin to run up the bristles so that the brush is overloaded.


His painting techniques is very slow, but the results are amazing.

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Please don't take this wrong: My first impression is that she had plastic surgery. I say this due to the way the areola color extends down on the right breast.... of course, this could all be resolved with the next pictures. Geez, it's embarrassing talking about this...

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I agree with Rastl's previous post regarding the colouring on her. The area inferior and more midline on the right breast is a bit too dark and as ixminis commented it does resemble the areola a bit too much. Also her face when viewed with the whole model looks a few shades lighter than the rest of the skin. I would love to see the newer photos to see how she is coming along. Other than those two spots she is looking pretty good.

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