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some of the DDM sculpts are nice but the paintjobs are horrible, if Reaper can produce a plastic mini & the paintjob is better then what WOTC's Asia factories can produces, then more power to Reaper, just shows they care about the product they sell. When I opened boosters of DDM, I found that getting squashed skeletons & small wispy critters due to flimsy plastic was about as a exciting as reading safety papers at work.


I think what will help Reaper's line is the non random, I recall Wiz' wanting to put out combat packs, but decided against that, why I have no idea, just makes sense if your a DM wanting 10 orc for a game & all your getting on goofy mushroom men or similar. Then again it the "HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE" BS factor.


again more power to Reaper if they can make the plastic figs & they sell well for them.



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And I'll reiterate: such big news with no images? Blasphemy!!! ::D: Pics...please, sir'a..



Also, I never saw an answer to my earlier question: are these renditions of existing sculpts or totally new work?

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I just had a look at the prices.


Kinda takes me back to the days of yore when we bought our first DHA Army Pack. Pewter was dirt-cheap then (relatively speaking) and OF COURSE I didn't stop with just ONE MEASLY PACK of orcs..nope..not meeee.


I have alot of orcs...in fact IF I had a orc for every orc I had, I'd STILL not have enough.


My birthday's in June.


I am not known for being subtle.


So, while I'm on a roll, is there perhaps a chance that Reaper will someday reproduce some of their more pewter-intense models such as Hill Giant or some of the larger CAVs in plastic?

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I must say: I'm really looking forward to these Reaper minis. And I say that as a confirmed DDM fan.


The simple fact is that DDM is very good at giving me a big range of cheap minis, but lacks greatly when I need to plug holes in my collection because an adventure *needs* a particular mini. DDM gives me the minis I didn't know I needed; Reaper will give me the minis I know I need... I hope. :)


Good luck on this venture.



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My first thought when I saw the prices was "That's not any different than the metal blisters." Then I remembered, metal troop blisters were 2 to a blister...


I'm not known for my quick uptake in the mornings...


Price point's good

Good variety


Now what do they look like?


Come on, you can only tease us for so long...

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I have not read through the 15 pages of stuff here (so forgive me if I'm repeating something)...but if these new PPPMs will be outsourced... remember they may be on that same slow boat from China that the Sophie Trophies got stuck on last year. :devil:


I'll believe they're released when I see the white's of their tiny little eyes (so to speak) :lol:


debby :upside:

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