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Elven Scouting Party

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Hello everyone.


I just finished paint a new band of adventurers, an elven scouting party. I use a couple of character miniatures and individual minis from some of the Warlord army blisters.


I painted them to match some elven Klockian archers that I painted last year. I will try to did up the images and post them too....


Thanks for looking.


Patrick Chambers







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I enjoy your themed groups, Patrick, and this one is no exception. These are some really nice elves. Nice color selection, and I think you did a good job of selecting models that went well together, even tho they are a mix of DHL and WL minis.



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I love your style of darklining. It has enough punch to define individual areas without being so thick that it overwhelms and dominates the mini. It adds a sense of realism. And as far as the whole subdued color pallete... you have to remember that everyone has their own individual style. I personally like the softer greyed tones. There are alot of painters that prefer a muted color scheme, just as there are painters that feel more comfortable with the clear brights. You have to find a style that fits on you.


Jen K

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