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I had some parts left over, and well, stuff happened. The subject matter fits the affliction, I guess.


Every Mad Scientist lab needs a Disenlargificator! How else will you torment the countryside with your ravaging horde of Ur-Gerbils, deflate the Giggities, or reduce those Hugie-sized ValuMealz to a more manageable size?



For expanding your underground lab, removing those pesky heroes, or just heating up your Evil Coffee, no true connoisseur of the maniacal laugh is complete without a handy Portable-As-Everest Laser Rock/Townsfolk Removal Device?



We don't know what this does or why all Mad Scientists are required by law to have one. They must be part of the New York school system, I guess. Anyway, the last hero who got past the bandsaw got fried nicely to a Hugie-Sized Chikken-Kibbles when he bumped into it, so we're not complaining. Actually, we're laughing maniacally, but that's no great shock.


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All of these mad scientist apparati are fabulous, and I'm in awe of this ingenuity. I'll have to admit, part of the humor in them for me is the time-lapse series that my brain has concoted around that mad scientist mini. It's a montage of scenes underscored with maniacal laughter and a thunderstorm, and each photo with a new creation is another triumphant moment for the scientist...

"At last, I've done it!"

...."I've done it again!"

.........."Yet again, I have done it!"

.................."Bow before my genius, for I have done it once more!"

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