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Can't keep a Jester down... 7 new figures


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Yah, you can cut me open and I bleed, leak spinal fluid, etc... but you can't stop me from painting! (insert maniacal laughter here) Not even on meds... bleh! :blink: Of course I haven't been taking any. That may explain a few things...




There are seven new figures I've completed since my surgery: Space Marine Vet. Sgt.(GW), a Limited Edition Saint Mark (Dark Age), a table-top Djinn for my DM, an Ashigaru Goblin Leader (Rackham), the Undead Lady (Freebooter), High Elf Hero (GW), and the Crossbowman Deserter (Rackham). That's a bit of painting... they aren't perfect, but if you want perfection go look someplace else...


With so many of them I'll just link them to their individual pages:


Space Marine Vet. Sgt. This was a test coloration on the Raptor coloration I may use. Or may not... but it was down and dirty and worked out fairly well. I have a few things I'll be doing for GD Chicago this year.


Limited Edition Saint Mark This is a piece I got from a contest win, and decided to finally paint him up. It was also a piece I used for a Gold NMM test coloration. Pretty happy with the bright yellow look for him... although I'm told he's supposedly a dirty, grungy type of piece... thus "Dark"...


Djinn This piece was a quick 1 hour piece that I grabbed up from my DM's (Buggeye) piles of unpainted miniatures. So, it was wham, ala-kazam, a painted Djinn! I left the base undone, as Buggeye likes to do the flocking himself...


Ashigaru Goblin Leader This piece was just plain FUN!


Undead Lady Ok, but why does a skeleton have b**bs??? A very wicked piece and all those bows almost makes me long for the buckles. Nah, not really...


High Elf Hero Well, I believe in having a back-up character for my current one in the Age of Worms adventure at Buggeye's. Well, I had this miniature, and the concept came to me, so I painted him up. But he looks way too nice to get manhandled by all the other players... so he's going to be doing something else soon. But I really like the piece, just not the shine that I need to fix with another shot of Dull Coat on the back.


and FINALLY...


Crossbowman Deserter This really was a piece that screamed "PAINT ME" when I saw him. I did not like the clumpy MSP paint that I had to deal with for the greens. Must have been a bad batch, but in the end I got it fixed up enough. This guy will probably be headed to that great auction house in cyberspace at some point soon...


So as you can plainly see... (insert maniacal laughter here) I'm painting again.


Thanks for looking them all over.



Yah, I'm back. :devil: *takes a drag off the corn-cob pipe*



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My favourite is the crossbowman. Now I am going to have to go out and get it...no matter that my paintjob will be nowhere near as good as yours, but that model just looks so COOL!!!! Very nice work mate! Glad to see you are painting again.

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Yea! Jester is painting again!

Glad you are feeling well enough to paint.

Nice batch of minis there.

What a surprise to see the Djinn. I painted one of those in the first year I was painting minis, lo these many years ago. Mine is so old it is cast from lead! And yours looks better than mine too.


My favorite of the bunch is the elf though. Can't have too many elves around.


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I think many of us will, in fact, keep on painting for some time after we are dead.


Love the crossbowman and the undead lady! (Myself, I had to buy the Rackham geisha goblin, despite my vow to never again paint greenskins; that line is just too funny.)


Great to see you functioning again. ^_^



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