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Monique DeNoir

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Here is the 'finished' Monique DeNoir.


I use the quotes as a) I have yet to clear coat her and b) I am hoping any comments or suggestions from any of you will prompt me to go back and keep touching up.


In the meantime - I am sticking a fork in it. I have a Lionna to finish, a Nienna I want to finish off... an Angel/Hoplite... a water Nymph... etc etc etc.


So - without further ado - here is the finished work, and as always - comments/suggestions/criticism... all welcomed.

(I am thinking I want to throw her up onto CMoN - so let 'er rip!)

Here is the WIP thread... if you are interested.













Thanks for looking.

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Thanks everyone for the comments. It is really appreciated.

(Next major WIP may be a Christmas Sophie - trying to decide if I want to start her this far away from the holidays. And no - easter doesn't count... UNLESS... An Easter bunny Sophie?!?!?.... The wheels - they turn...)


Regarding the popping of the purple - some of that may be due to the lights I am using while taking the pictures - but it does have that 'exploded bic ballpoint pen' brilliance in person as well. I used FolkArt 443 'Night Sky' for it... (And I can see all of you shuddering... Hey - next chunk of cash - I start investing in paints... I hear Reaper makes a good line.)


All that being said - I prefer painting to photoshoping.


Here she is all 'Tarted up' for CMoN....




Still not sure if I'm gonna post her though... I am a cowardly little fox it would seem.

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Hey, on your latest pics, I notice there seems to be a little splortch on the inside of her left breast.






Its mostly the sculpt (the 'chestal' area there actually pulls away from the armour at that point)- but there is a bit of slop there as well - I'll break out the paint and touch it up.


Thanks for catching it... I'll repost in a day or two to see if anyone else catches anything... (besides the missing spur on the right leg... :angry: )

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Hey, on your latest pics, I notice there seems to be a little splortch on the inside of her left breast.




Okay - I have touched that up - and fixed her eyes... Made the iris/pupils larger. (The Winsor Newtons have me feeling invulnerable it seems...)


I think I'll call it done for now.


Thanks again everyone for taking a look.




CMoN link... share the love...

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Awesome work on this! I'm just starting this mini and reading through this and the WIP thread made me feel a lot better. LOL And I just gave up on the right spur and filled in the hole. I think it gives her more character to just have the one anyway. ^_^ As for the whole standing her on the base thing I decided to solve that by only filing what I deemed necessary and then giving up and gluing a rock onto the base to prop her right foot onto. LOL Call it fallen debris from the surrounding carnage that undoubtedly surrounds her.


I also really like the colors you choose for her. Probably because, like others have mentioned, purple is also one of my fav's. That and I was thinking of doing a similar paint scheme. But I was thinking maybe dark blue fading into dark purple with ice blue armor for added pop. hmmm, we'll see.

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After taking a break from her for a little while now - I think I should have gone for more [some] differentiation between her armour and her 'frock'...


If I had to do it over again - I'd use the same indigo - but for the frock I'd start white under thearmour - and transition through to indigo... or vice versa...


I'm glad if the WIP helps you out... it was fun to do (both the WIP and the mini).

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