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More virtual putty pushing

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Wow, great job.

It looks like us putty pushers will not be needed much longer, i picture an artist just drawing up a concept scanning it into a computer and having a mini pop out the other end before too long. Way to embrace technology, i think you are going to be quite successfull with this, keep up the great work!

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While people have joked about it, Zbrush3 does not have a "Make Monster" button... ;)


And I suck at drawing much more than sculpting, besides drawings are rarely consistent with each other and require a bit of conversion work to achieve the final sculpt.


But I do think that moving forward, it will become necessary. As RP machines enter the home, as game makers want to be able to create content usable for a variety of scales/media, etc.


Plus it's fun, and lot easier than squinting and trying to poke that eye just right.


I'm still working on his anatomy. While I'm pretty satisified with the bulk of the muscles, they still need better definition. I'm kinda going overkill for something that may be printed out to just 40mm high. But, that's how you learn. :)

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