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Femme Fatale II Entry


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nice job, and wow, what an improvement. How long between the before and after paint job?

I think the red and turquoise look very good together, very "battleready". The closed eyes are a great touch, sword is nice too.


I would probably paint the cork to bring the base up closer to the figs standard.


Uh, is a tartan the shirt? Off to look in Dictionary.

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I've never cared much for this sculpt (the stance always seemed a bit goofy to me, plus her waist is the same size as her thigh!), but your paintjob of it really turns that around. With the tartan and the face paint, I can actually start to believe she is ready to deal out an a$$whooping. Good looking paintjob!



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Thanks for all the compliments - I'm pretty happy with her...the base was where I ran out of time - the cork was primed with her - and has several layers but not enough contrast to be complete - you are very correct...


As for her face - you couldn't really see it in the pics - so here is a closeup....her eyes are open (and green no less). The pic is from an earlier WIP but her face was finished....





Time wise - I had a look...


I started painting in Oct 03. Coral (the before pic) was my fifth mini ever painted in late Dec 03 - early Jan 04 (very slow painter). Lorna was painted in Feb 07 and was my lucky 30th mini. So time wise - a long time but there was 18 months where I painted nothing in that gap...easier to look at that in terms of how many minis.


Hope that helps!

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