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Greyhawk Arena


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O.K. - some of you might have seen the w.i.p. pics of the arena in the terrain section but since its now finished my group told me to post these pics here in show off. I had a whole bunch of fun making this and my players seem to like it.


Jester had mentioned that I had enough minis to fill the the stands and someone said that that would be a pic they'd like to see.....

Well here ya go ::):





Three of my players: Krztoff, Jester, & cutebutpsycho


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very very sweet piece


love the shot, where your looking down a hallway & you see the arena floor (love how the Wayne Reynold's artwork (ie the DM's screen) can be seen through the gaps, thought for a sec those were banners that were hanging up, ha ha


would have love to see the battles that happened in there



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Yah, it's pretty darn cool to have that...


And since he couldn't take pictures of himself, here's the proud owner Buggeye with the Greyhawk Arena BEFORE we started filling it with his minis.




And the funny thing was, there was still plenty of miniatures left on the shelves to form waiting lines, crowds, mobs, etc. around the Arena.


Here's a long view of the filled Arena (with obligatory booty shots):




And then an action shot from the front rows... just like they show in the "here's what you can see" on the website for baseball stadiums. But consider the scale now that you know what those miniature are.




That's our DM! Tim did an excellent job of creating and assembling/painting this piece of scenery. All of his work just adds more flavor to our games and we're damn lucky to have him as our DM.



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