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Global Warming Video?


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Because when water gets short it will be taken from farmers that depend on it long before it's restricted for frivolous and stupid usage by townies? Just a *****ing guess. Not even slightly bitter.


And yes, it is a bit like Thunderdome, but not as much as my proposed political reforms are.

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Mostly the crap that farmers used in the 50's-80's IIRC. I don't know the specific chemicals though. Some places in denmark the rain water reaches the underground deposits in about 50 years. So what we're seeing now is stuff used just after the war and up until we realized it might be an idea to regulate the more poisonous stuff. So our fear is that the damage is already done but that we won't feel it till later. And yeah it sucks. The majority of stuff we're finding is already illegal and has been so for decades.


Denmark has seen very heavy industrialized farming for about as long as it has existed. And this all over the country.




It's in danish but I can explain the graph and map.


Graph: Blue means no pesticide traces and no traces of stuff pesticides break down into.

Yellow and red says how much pesticide was found per liter.


It should be noted that it's not the same wells tested every year. They take turns and each well is tested every 5 years.


The map shows the locations of the contaminated wells. Some of these are no longer contaminated though.


But it's a very real problem here. Can't really get angry at the people who used the crap either because A) they didn't know what they were doing and B) They already suffered worse than anyone else for actually being in direct contact with that crap.

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