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Sparrow's Tail

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Hello all,


Here is my rendering of Dragoth the undead king on his throne. :rolleyes:


The base is a small rock tile that I picked up from Home Depot. The 1 foot square tile that is made up of many smaller pieces, I think, makes for cool base material. :rock: Sometimes I prefer the simpler natural looking base to the terrain style. ::):


I may add some skulls or treasure to the base in the future. I am starting to add some NMM highlights to the metalics (this is new terrain for me so I'm taking it slow) :down: I tried my hand at the gem stones on the sword, still working out the kinks, but I like the progress.







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At Rcon I've been able to pick up a pot of skulls, pretty much the skulls that are in the paints as agitators. Pretty reasonable as well, not sure if they are sold outside of Rcon thou.


nice job on that one, one my first Reaper figure purchases, love the 2nd shot it has that "Soooo you really think you can take me down" as he looks at the PCs gathered at his feet" feel to it



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