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Hey all!


Just wondering, since lots of games are goin' on, is anyone interested in playing in a Godfather-style Mafia RPG?


I was thinking of a simple and small character-based game with around 2-4 players. It will be set from the early 1900's to the present and based around an alternate New York setting (New Haven), occassionally switching to new characters as time goes by or as characters die off.


The theme's gonna be a gritty, dramatized mob feel (with fairly stereotypical characters and also very violent in many occassions).


So yeah, lemme know if you're interested!

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Intersting --- if ya need someone count me in but I will need a little help on rolling up a toon. Been a long time since I rolled up a modern day character. Last was in college playing a 1930's game of Call of Cthulhu.





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It's gonna be more based off of storytelling, but basically, all you need is a name, a little background, some physical and mental strenghts and weaknesses (nothing extreme) and a little description of your character. For combat and action purposes, you basically just describe what your character does and I'll describe wether or not the action was successful.

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Cool! 2 players should be enough. I'll leave this up for about another week, and then I'll start.


Ok, for character, I need


1- Name

2- Nationality

3- 2 Positive Traits or Skills

4- 2 Negative ones

5- Personality

6- Background Info

7- Description



I will also need an occupation, which I will give you a workplace for the starting of the game.


I will also incorporate future players if anyone is interested. I'll come up with a sypnosis later today.

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At the moment, around 1920's.


Also, none of your characters really belong to any families or gangs yet, so try to base your character's backgroundw ith as little connection to the New Haven mob as possible (maybe your family went through a mob slaying in Sicily or you're police officer uncle in Chicago got whacked, but nothing around New Haven, kinda like that). :blues:

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Ok the city of New Haven is a bit like a mix between New York and Chicago. Its somewhere on the East Coast, with a few outlying towns around it, and is one of the center of trafficking for liquor and other such vices (making it a rich, productive, but corrupted city). Later, the city will deal with gambling, prostitution, and will be heavily involved in narcotics, but that's for the future if we get there. :)


Alright, New Haven itself is bordering the East Coast, built along a wide harbor called Perdition Bay.


To the East are the Dock Yards. These include the main bay area, the ship yards, along with rows of warehouses, many of them housing illegal products. Black marketteers operate here.


In the center is Downtown New Haven, a fairly commercial area where government and businesses operate. This area, at the moment, is mob-free, as it's neutral territory (often, the mob bosses met here for agreements and deals).


To the north is Rowland Heights, a fairly wealthy region, residential mostly. The higher class live in this region, and crime seems low. However, it is also the territory of the Salichi Family, the strongest organization in the Three Families of New Haven.


To the south is, ideally named, the Southsides. These regions tend to be poorer, divided into Chinatown to the West and Little Italy to the East. Both are fairly culturally developed, and there have been some form of tension, often with youths fighting and such, but otherwise the two neighborhoods are mostly secluded and isolated from each other (that is, until the Triads start to move in the future). The official boss of the Southsides are the Marlino Family, operating out of Little Italy.


The last major region is the Brooks to the west. The Brooks is known for Commercial Row, where many shops and businesses are open. However, it is also home to countless numbers of bars and brothels, also home to the New Haven's Red Light District. Overall, its a very poor region further away from Downtown and Commercial Row, where the slums start appearing and thus has earned the Brooks as the worst neighborhood in all of New Haven. (Common line is alive by night, dead by morning is often a reference to the Brooks). It's controlled by the Taglione Family, a heavy-weight in the Three Families and the second most powerful on the committee.


The main powers of the New Haven underworld are the Three Families.


The Salichi are the strongest, with close conenction to the Sicilian Mafia in Italy. They often dictate what the other families can and cannot do, and any illegal business ventures in and out of New Haven is regulated by them, making them very influential. Don Antonio Salichi is the boss of the family, and he is known to be a sly and cunning strategist.


The Taglione are the strongest in manpower, with fresh recruits from the streets and powerful enforcers. The last major mob war between the families has brought fear of the Taglione's might in muscle, and has thus granted them much respect from the other families. Don Guiseppe Taglione is the boss, and he himself is known to be extremely aggressive and hot-tempered. He has a large scar across his eye and is known, ideally, as "The Scar" or "Guiseppe the Scar".


The Marlino are the weakest and most neutral of the Three Families. They have a small territory and their business ventures have often been humble compared to the other two houses (minor bootlegging, scattered handful of establishments). However, they possess very strong relations with the politicians (especially the press), and thus they have great leverage amongst the Three Families. Nonetheless, with political backing, they have become ambitious of late, slowly attempting to gain a stronger foothold in their own territory with probable intention for expansion. Also, while they are culturaly Italians, they have shown the most tolerance towards non-Italians. Don Vittorio Marlino leads the Marlino Family. He is known to be a warm and compassionate man but is also notorious for being extremely manipulative when necessary (in fact, many think it was he that orchestrated the previous conflict between Salichi and Taglione twenty years ago to establish his role as peace-time mediator between the two). Old age and a throat infection as a kid left him with a distinctively raspy voice. ( *cough* Corleone *ahem*...)


Other underworld powers include:


The Golden Gang (more often known as the Goldmen), led by the German-Irish Jewish Randolph Goldstein. They are harsh rivals with the Tagliones, and have a foothold in the northern region of the Brooks. While they are not "officially" considered part of the mob, they are still a powerful party, and Goldstein has attended many meetings of the Three Families.


Dockyard Runners- A very small faction in the Dock Yards. They control most of the transportion, and while the mobs own the warehouses, they control the shipping. Amongst other friends, they are closest to the Marlino, especially with the many favors they owe to Don Marlino.


Many other small time gangs exist, but often, they are assimilated by the other organization in the city.


As for your characters, knowledge-wise, you know only the basics about the families (You know the Dons, for example, and which neighborhood they operate in), but otherwise, you aren't very clear on their specific organization. All you hear is from the radio or the newspaper, which often relay news on crimes or arrests potentially related to these families. At the moment, you have no strong connections to any of them.

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Well, here's my character.:


Name: (Sal)vatore Vitale

Nationality: Italian (Sicilian)-American

Positive Traits: 1. Large and powerful, Sal is an asset to have in a fight and would be perfect to use as enforcement muscle. 2. Extremely loyal and protective of those who have gotten into his good graces.

Negative Traits: 1. Too easy going and a bit naïve, Sal is easily led to believe in the goodness of others. 2. Overly protective of those that he cares about or is assigned to, he will go into a blind rage if he believes that they are being harmed in any way.

Personality: Sal is the type of guy who would give you the shirt off of his back if he thought that you needed it more than him. Somehow, through all of the hardships of his adolescence and childhood, he’s managed to be a pretty happy/go-lucky type of guy. Get on his bad side though or do harm to those that he cares about and his hardened edge is readily apparent.

Background Info: Born on March 2, 1900. Mother (Abigale Stewart 1880-1905) died in child-birth giving birth to younger brother (Vittorio 1905-) when Sal was 5. Has one older sister (Carolina, 1 ½ years his senior 1898-). Father (Giuseppe Vitale 1878-1912) was slain on April 17, 1912 in New York when conflict erupted between Sicilians and Neapolitans in the city. Five men, including Salvatore’s father are killed in a gun battle at 114th Street and Third Avenue. Salvatore was 12 at the time. Children were brought to New Haven to live with their uncle (Patrizio Vitale 1876-) and aunt (Mary Trucchio 1883-1919 tuberculosis) in Little Italy, who were the closest living relatives. Sal has been doing odd jobs (mainly hard manual labor) around the neighborhood to help to support the family since being relocated to New Haven. Currently working as a truck loader/unloader for a freight company.

Physical Description: 6’3â€, 220 lbs, Very muscular, Close-Cropped Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, Slightly Olive tinted skin, Clean shaven, No Scars or Tattoos, small black birth mark above left eyebrow.

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Alright, sorry for delay.


I have Rylek and Styate's character so far. And I still need Outkast Samurai's.


Just a check for whose still game. ::):


Btw, just as a heads up, there's going to a free reign for cussing (like f**k) and all that, along with racial terms and racist concept (this is the mob, after all), so just in case your sensitive on the matter and stuff.

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Its a go with the character background. If you need anything else let me know.

Name: (Vitto)rio Vitale

Nationality: Italian (Sicilian)-American

Positive Traits: 1. Vitto spent much of his youth buried in books and is extremely intelligent. 2. Extremely loyal and protective of his big brother. Vittorio made sure that the family

Negative Traits: 1. Due to birth complications he is of shorter than average stature and has a slight build. 2. Being picked on at any chance (when his brother Sal wasn't around) has given Vitto a grudge list a mile long. He knows one day he'll be in a position to pay back all those people who made life a nightmare.

Background Info: Born on August 29, 1905. Mother (Abigale Stewart 1880-1905) died in child-birth giving birth to him. One older brother Salvatore (1900-). Has one older sister Carolina (1898-). Father (Giuseppe Vitale 1878-1912) was slain on April 17, 1912 in New York when conflict erupted between Sicilians and Neapolitans in the city. Five men, including Vittorio's father are killed in a gun battle at 114th Street and Third Avenue. Vitto was 7 at the time. Children were brought to New Haven to live with their uncle (Patrizio Vitale 1876-) and aunt (Mary Trucchio 1883-1919 tuberculosis) in Little Italy, who were the closest living relatives. Currently working as an accountant for a freight company.

Physical Description: 5'5, 110 lbs. Slicked back black hair, dark brown eyes, slightly olive tinted skin, clean shaven, a small scar on his left hand where his thumb was nearly severed, no tatoos.

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