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Name: James McFadden


Nationality: Irish American


Positive Traits: 1. James had training as a boxer in his youth. He used to have to

scrap it up to get money for his family to eat.

2. He is also a very good marksman. When not fighting for money in

order for his family to eat James also had to get dinner on the table the old fashioned way.


Negative Traits: 1. James is way to short tempered. His aggressive personality made

him a great boxer but has also gotten him into serious trouble from

time to time.

2. He is very protective of not only his family and friends but also his

nationality. He despises when he hears people talking “bad” about the

Irish. You combine this with his short fuse again --- gets him into

serious trouble from time to time.


Background: Born on October 16, 1899. Mother: Agatha McGuinness – Born November 27, 1879. Father: Fitzgerald McFadden – Born February 18, 1877. Siblings: Dawn and Emily. Dawn born: July 12, 1902. Emily born: Decmber 13, 1904. James is a second generation American Irishman. His family still resides in the country to the northwest of the city. His father still runs a small community farm. (His father also runs a small distilling operation as well as smuggling operations off of the farm.) The farm is located near the town of Sierra. Being tired of the “farming life” James decided to leave the family and move to the city. Finding it a little bit harder then expected in the initial beginning he began working at a warehouse in the Dock Yards. Since James did actually graduate from High School and is good at math he was able to land a small warehouse job stocking shipments of pots and pans, metal wares imported from Europe. Still from time to time James does engage in some Dock Yard underground fighting making a little bit of cash on the side. He continues to keep in shape with a rigorous training routine including both cardio as well as weight training. (His main goal would to open up somewhat of a gym and promote boxing as well as training programs.) He still sends about ¼ of his paycheck back to his family for they were not the richest family where he grew up. In fact he came from one of the poorest families in area. James resides in an efficiency apartment in the Brooks on 18th Street. His apartment is above a small grocery store.


Physical Description: 5’10”, very muscular – 6 pack abs 18” arms etc. Weighs about 225 lbs. Strawberry blond hair that is short and actually twisted into something resembling dreadlocks. (Working in the Dock Yards with all the immigrants working there he has picked up on some of the uniquness of hairstyles) He also has blue eyes. Unfortunatly he looks like a ghost – like he has never seen daylight in years. He is clean shaven but always looks as if he has a 5’oclock shadow. As for facial features he is what you may call a pretty boy, however he does have a few scars above and below his eyes as well as an off center nose (broken 2x so far in his life). He has 4 tattoos in various locations. 1 tattoo of a Celtic Cross that covers his entire back. Another tattoo of a celtic band on one arm. The letters F-E-A-R tattooed across his right knuckles. His last tattoo is his family crest over his heart.

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