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Arilyn Water Sorceress


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Water Sorceress


Tricky mini to paint, lots of hard to reach nooks and crannies.


The base is something of a DIY. I started by sculpting my own 1" square base from scratch, then making a mold from the original and casting this base out of a clear resin tinted to resemble a sort of water.


Let's see, the color choices obviously were trying to reflect the water based theme of the mini, mostly using blues, greens and corals to relay that whole "aqua" feeling. I'm pretty pleased with the actual color harmony and how it worked out.


The water spout coming from her shell is made from 5 minute epoxy built up in layers and tinted with MSP clears, blue, green and yellow. The trick is to *barely barely* tint the epoxy with the clear before working with it.


Oh, also I resculpted her bosom area to enhance the whole sheer effect of her top. Shaved off the original sculpt then rebuilt the breasts to be slightly larger and fuller before painting the see-through top. Just one of those things I like to do with these minis. :D


The foam effect on the water was made by using Sno-Tex combined with paint thinner as needed to dilute the strength of the effect and "water" it down.

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The paint job on the mini is great, but what really ties the whole thing to the water theme of the original sculpt concept is the basing - the translucent base combined witht he water spout in the shell. What a cool idea! And so well done, too.


Nice work.

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Care to share how it was done?



Hi all, thanks for the C&C, glad you enjoy the pics.


Regarding the hair, done in the same manner as I talked about in this thread here: (page 2 has a tutorial more or less) Dark Elf Queen on Throne


The colors for this one's hair were a custom blend of MSP paints, namely Pale Violet, VMC paints, namely Pink, and some Palmer (airbrush paint) paint named Coral Rose, a vibrant orangey pink. I needed to keep the hair coral in appearance but a different variety of coral color from the shells in her jewelry, so they didn't get lost in the scheme.

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Astoundingly good job.


Now I have to go back and see if my mini has that lovely body...


No, it doesn't.


Great transparency on that top. The water from the nautilus is very good, maybe exceptional. The whole base takes the figure up and over.


Yowsa. Folks should probably study this one.

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