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Wizard's Tower: Study and Lab

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Here's one I found recently, the pic that is, and thought I'd share. I actually built it a couple years ago, but it is in regular play when I dm one particular campaign.


The outer walls of the tower are styrene sheet with molded fieldstone texture. Two tone gray paint with light wash of blackish stuff. The Inner walls are the same; and the filler between is a bunch of balsa "spacers" to get a 5-6 ft thick wall and then capped with spackle.

The floor is the press board back from a TV stand/center thing. I love this stuff for its cheap wood like look.


Reaper bits abound, but I also cut up an extra, 2nd Ed dnd Players book for the pictures and some images in it. Other bits and magazine clippings plus a couple of the foil capsule tops from wine bottles (a couple on the walls and at least one on the floor...)


Earlier I built a cut away three level tower in a very similar fashion with removable balsa floors for game play, but it was pretty basic. I may have even posted it already, so no need to see it now.




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The balsa walls and bits are all painted with thinned reaper paints.


Also, I have little finials from old light fixtures (the odd shaped brass things that might look like vases, spitoons or trashcans)-- and if you ever go to Bath and Beyond or any DIY home store- look for tiny bits that cost less than a buck that you would never consider manufacturing at home. Oh yeah, and go to hobby stores that sell doll house stuff.


Oh, and book stores that have super cool woven-cloth book marks-- I used one that looks like a Persian carpet in an Inn I built a while back...

And stationery stores where they have those ornamental stick-on embossed "appliques" for sticking on the outside of fancy envelopes for wedding and funeral announcements.


OOhh ooh, don't forget searches on the net for medieval manuscripts that have itty bitty thumbnails of old art, manuscript pages and cool stuff-- by the time you save that little 14k image and then paste it into Word and shrink it down to about 1/2 inch by 3/8 inch and print it off, man you have an old map, letter, treaty or document to glue onto a desk!!


So, if you all have tricks and such for finding stuff, post em here too. I'm always looking for new ways to find fiddly bits.

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