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Warlord 2007 Update - Rage Chronicles FAQ


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Warlord News


With the release of CAV 2nd Edition behind us we have turned our focus back to Warlord.


The Warlord Game

Although Warlord as a game has not evolved or become dated enough to warrant a 2nd edition yet, several issues concerning data cards, equipment, spells and special abilities need to be addressed and adjusted or corrected.


We have decided to publish an annual book titled RAGE Chronicles containing: 1) current updated data cards, 2) non-faction Special Abilities, factional and general magic spells, and 3) factional and general cleric spells and all equipment. Each year, RAGE Chronicles will chart the course and guide the game of Warlord through another year.


One of the more major changes you will see with this first edition is in the data cards. Damage Tracks have been realigned to better represent the racial attributes of a faction. For instance, Crusader (used to read "human": are we talking racial abilities, or faction abilities?) grunts will have 3 damage tracks. Another major change is a more conservative assignment of the Adept title. A third thing to note is factions able to field more than one Troop of archers. Overall this effort will yield a better game balance.


The changes in this first RAGE Chronicles have been thoroughly plotted, analyzed and play tested for a dramatic increase in the value of play in Warlord. However, a short open beta play test will be available to Black Lightning members to catch any last minute issues. Black Lightning members in good standing will be emailed a link to download a pre-release copy.


The complete annual RAGE Chronicles will be available each year as a free PDF download. Additionally, until a new edition of Warlord is printed, a printed version of the current RAGE Chronicles will be bundled with the existing printed copies of Warlord at no additional charge. A stand-alone printed copy of the annual RAGE Chronicles will be available for sale through normal distribution channels and on our website.


Expect the online availability of this first annual RAGE Chronicles book in four to five weeks. This should allow people attending ReaperCon to have sufficient time to plan their armies for the tournament.


Warlord Faction Books

We have released five of ten potential faction books. Remaining on the list are the Mercenary, Dwarf, Reptus, Darkspawn and Elf faction books. At our current rate of release, the last book would not see the light of day until early 2009. This time frame is not acceptable to us and is a disservice to the fans with a faction at the end of the list.


To address this, we are changing our book release format. Faction books dedicated to only one faction will no longer be produced. In addition to the annual RAGE Chronicles book, we will now be releasing a unified faction book, Kruger's Journal that will contain specific information for each faction in Warlord. The Kruger's Journal factional books will not only add new information like faction-specific special abilities and spells as well as new general rules for things like castle sieges and shipboard combat.


Kruger's Journal faction compendiums are planned to be approximately the same page count and price as the previous faction-specific books.


Warlord Tournaments

Warlord is getting an official tournament system, still in development. We do not have any particulars to share right now, but we can give you a general overview of what you can expect.


First, we are building a number of play scenarios. Each scenario has a detailed map and unique set of victory point conditions. Players will work through a predetermined set of these scenarios during a tournament.


Second, a tournament will be a fixed number of rounds with the highest aggregate scores at the end of the tournament determining the winners. This means that everyone can play in every round.


We have conducted several tournaments using this format in the Asylum to extremely positive feedback, so we will be bringing it to the masses as our official tournament rules for Warlord.




Q) Will all the spells and equipment from all the faction books be updated?

A) Not every spell, SA or piece of equipment made it in to the RAGE Chronicles. There have been several changes. Look at this as a compilation of the ones we are starting with in 2007, more will be added as we go along.


Q) Will it be in a format that I can print out and paste in my old faction book?

A) No. The RAGE Chronicles are a stand-alone document.


Q) How will the new classifications (grunt, adept, etc..) effect the faction abilities of changing troops from adept to grunt and changing their unique to non-unique status?

A) There will be a list of factional changes included in the document


Q) Will the Chronicles have lists for the factions contained in them?

A) Yes


Q) Will the faction books be updated?

A) No, there are no new faction books planned at this time.


Q) Are any SAs going away?

A) Yes


Q) How will troop composition be changed?

A) Only Troop Capacity was addressed.


Q) Will RAGE Chronicles contain data cards for EVERY army?

A) Yes


Q) When will the first Kruger's Journal be released?

A) We do not have a timeline for this yet.


Q) With these changes will there be some sort of new solicitation to stores who either never carried, or stopped carrying the Warlord line?

A) Yes


Q) Will RAGE Chronicles contain data cards for future models?

A) Yes


Q) Will some of the SA be adjusted for more fair play?

A) Yes


Q) Will Faction Special Abilities such as "Bane" and "Pain Cage" be re-thought as to balance against other faction's SA?

A) Yes


Q) Will powerful innate spells such as "Holy Burst" and "Spectral Minions" be countered by higher point cost or other restrictions?

A) Yes


Q) Will spell and equipment costs change?

A) Yes


Q) Will the Tournament system be required use for any Reaper Sponsored/Black Lightning Tournament or will this be only for the Officialâ„¢ Conventions - Reaper Con/Gen Con?

A) No it will not be required use. It will be in use at ReaperCon and Gencon


Q) With Archers reverting from Adept back to Grunts again, is there some other form of limit placed on Ranged Attack models to avoid the "horribly broken all shooty armies?

A) Yes it has been balanced to fit into the game taken as a whole.


Q) Will the RAGE Chronicles advance the Taltos story along with game elements?

A) No, the RAGE Chronicles compile the game each year. Story and timeline advancements will be in the Kruger's Journals.


Q) Will the RAGE Chronicles and the Kruger's Journal books be in Black and White or color?

A) B&W


Q) Will the copies bundled with the Core Rule book and the copies that are purchasable at our FLGS be a PDF on CD, or printed?

A) At the present time they are planned to be printed.


Q) Will there be painting guides?

A) No


Q) Will there be scenarios?

A) Not in the RAGE Chronicles but a Kruger's Journal's might contain them from time to time.


Q) Is it only for Warlord or will CAV be included?

A) This first RAGE Chronicles will only include Warlord but later editions are planned to include all of our games.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hello everyone,


As promised, we're going to answer some of your questions and hopefully alleviate some of your fears.


Lets start at the beginning.


Q) So you're radically changing Warlord again?


A) Well, before I answer that question I'd like to outline what we want Warlord to be. We want Warlord to be a fun game to play first and foremost. This means it needs to be easy to learn, easy to play, and have a lot of different options for players to choose from, without some options being far superior to others. It also means giving players a steady stream of new options without requiring players to have to dig through 6 separate books to keep track of them all. Right now we have number 1 & 2 aced. The last 2 we're a little shaky on.


Currently we have a point system, where not all models are necessarily created equal. To have the best chance of winning, a player needs to figure out which of his soldier models is the "best buy" and load up on them as much as possible and for the most part avoid big expensive models, because they're (generally speaking) not usually worth their points compared to an equal point amount of soldiers. We have archers from one army being virtually the same in point cost at archers from another that have 6" better range and a 20% better chance of hitting. I could go on, but sufficed to say there are a lot of models currently that we feel (along with most players) would never be taken.


A big part of what we've done with the current project, is rebuild the the point system from the ground up to make sure that no matter what model you want to field, theres a place for it. If you want to load up on high cost, heavy hitters you can do so and still be on equal footing with your opponent. If you want to bring a horde of smaller models, you don't have to worry that they're not going to be able to compete with big models either. If you want to go heavy on archery, you can do so. By the same token, your opponent wont be hosed because you did. The game will come down to tactics and how the dice and initiative cards treat you. Cavalry models wont inherently suck (Yeah I said it). The seldom seen Melee Hero will now have its place on the battlefield. What we've done is balanced out the options, so that you as the player can decide what kind of army you want field. But at the same time, we're not changing the core rules of the game. Attacking a model in close combat works the same way as it always has. You get initiative cards for every troop you're fielding. You're not going to have to figure out a new sergeant to captain ratio. So on and so forth. All that we're doing is making an even playing field for the pieces you have to play with so that you can play with the ones you want to, without changing how to play the game or getting rid of any of the models in the game.


Now as having to haul around a bunch of books in order to play, thats exactly what we're trying to eliminate with the RAGE Chronicles. Its a compilation of the most up to date information. Each year a new one will come out to replace the previous one. Now for most companies, that would mean each year you'd need to buy the new book, or stay home. We're going to allow you to choose to either buy a nice shiny professionally printed copy, or download the book for free and print it out (or wait 2 weeks for everything to be loaded into Army Builder :P ). We feel thats a much better deal than requiring you to slap down money on a new core rulebook and/or replace half your models because they're not tournament legal anymore or can't compete with the new models introduced in the newest book.


Now as for real changes, models with have more damage tracks than they previously did. However, models offensive capabilities have also been increased to account for this. What this has allowed us to do is to make each army have its own "feel," where as before a lot of the models from different armies worked almost exactly the same but just had a different model on the table. Now races that are supposed to be tougher than normal have more DTs than most, but are fewer in number. Races that are supposed to be weak but plentiful have fewer DTs, but they have the ability to swarm their opponents (and rack up those support bonuses).


Q) I would like to know if any figures will be obsoleted/removed due to these changes?

A) No.


Q) How much will the Kruger's Journal books run... will they be a free PDF as the Rage Chronicles are or will they only be printed material available for purchase?

A) Well, price will be in line with how big the book is. For example, if we came out with a "Double Sized" issue it would cost more than a normal one. I would expect them to be in line price wise with what our previous Factions books were. As for a free download, our plan is to make the new Datacards, spells, SAs, and equipment available from the website for free.


Q) Has the basic points costing formula been changed for the models?

A) Yes


Q) Is flyer getting fixed?

A) Yes


Q) Why did you choose "Kruger's Journal" for the name of the faction update books?

A) Kruger's Journal was a companion book for a tabletop game we published for the DHL line, named Apocalypse. You might even find a copy of it on Ebay, if you looked hard enough.


Q) I was wondering what will the pairings be? Will the elves and darkspawn be in the same book maybe with dwarves a demihuman dictionary?

A) The journals will address all the factions. The first couple will probably be weighted towards the factions that did not get an expansion already, just so parity can be achieved.


Q) What books do I need? Would Rulebook plus the latest Chronicles give me all I needed to play, assuming I didn't care to "collect" KJ or care much about fluff?

A) Yes

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Q) Once the pdf is Published, how soon will the updated data cards be available in a physical form (i.e. packaged in new blisters, via SWAG exchange, or as items in the Asylum)?



Q) If all spells, equipment, stat cards, and non-faction SA's will be updated what information from the faction books will be viable to the game?

A) Part of the focus of this project is to remove the need for players to own every faction book thats out. Players that own the books, will find that all of the game specific information will be updated in the Chronicles.


Q) Will these changes mean there will be changes to the minis included in the starter packs?

A) I'd like that, but I don't have a time line for that.


Q) Since [many/all] of the models now have multiple tracks, I feel that it might get a bit cluttered with damage dice. Typically a player only worries about damage dice for leaders, solos and elites, and *maybe* for specialty soldiers like Crimson Knights and Justicars. Now we've got to keep track of that for the entire army. From your play testing experience, is this a pain in the neck? Or is it fine?

A) Believe it or not, no, it hasn't seemed to be a problem. Most people tend to concentrate on the wounded models. So once you've wounded a model, its like "blood in the water" and they don't tend to live long after that.


Q) Are you aiming at having this game play out in similar size or similar point cost to the way it has been? You showed some data cards, and my dwarf warriors now cost quite a bit more than they used to. So am I fielding the same number in a typical game and having the point cost be 4,000 or am I fielding a 750-1500 force still, but with a smaller regiment of soldiers?

A) Somewhere in the middle, I think. It's still early, but I think a "Tournament sized" game would be about 1500 points with 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the models you were using previously.


Q) Will future Warlord faction updates in the K-books be on par fluff-wise with the faction books released thus far? I have really enjoyed the faction fiction and am hoping to see more of it, as I am SURE a few Dwarf, Elf, Merc, Darkspawn and Reptus friends of mine would like to.

A) A lot of that will depend on the focus of that particular KJ.


Q) My question is about the Kruger's Journals: is there a chance they will be available as pdfs ?

A) Thats the current plan.


Q) With everything being multi track, will attack spells be worth bringing?

A) Absolutely.


Q) With archers being "regruntified," will archers reign supreme once more? What about some factions' archers being better than others'?

A) Well, one of the first things we tackled was archery. One of the big problems with the previous point system is that it didn't scale well for archer's ability. So not only have we better balanced archers against non archers, we've better balanced them against each other.

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Q) Will generic data cards be updated?

A) No.


Q) Will the alteration costs chart be updated and expanded?

A) No.


Q) You mention in the update thread that not all spells have made it into RAGE Chronicles. Is this a significant portion of the spells, or just a few?

A) A few. Not every spell or piece of equipment translated well into the new format. Theres also cases where a spell or piece of equipment wasn't removed, but was changed and/or renamed.


Q) Will the spells that didn't make it disappear forever, or will future editions of RAGE Chronicles re-complete the spell list?

A) That really depends on the spell. If we feel theres a place for something, we'll make room for it.


Q) I hear cavalry is no longer going to inherently suck. How does a Cavalry Model compare to a foot soldier?

A) Well, they do in fact "have the skills to pay the bills" these days.


Q) Will the Warlord mandatory rule for games over 1500 still be in effect, or has that been bumped up?

A) Currently, a Warlord is still mandatory for games 1501 or higher. However, they are no longer grossly expensive in comparison to the cost of a grunt, nor are they the useless point sinks some of them could be previously.


Q) Are magic spells being upgraded to do more damage or will they be mostly the same with new lvls of more expensive spells to deal with all the multi-woundness?

A) We've adjusted some existing spells and introduced some new ones.


Q) Are rogues, getting any new abilities?

A) Some of the SAs are being adjusted, but I don't think thats what you meant. I've had some cool things that I've wanted to do with Rogues for a while now (Traps anyone?), but thats a project in and of itself. Look for that sort of thing in a KJ, down the road.


Q) With the remaining 5 Faction books not happening, will there be any starter boxes for those factions to match the ones that currently include the faction book?

A) I'd personally like to revisit the starter sets big and small for all the factions and see if there isn't anything we could do to improve them, but I don't if/when we might be doing that.


Q) With the new point change what do you recomend for an average game?

A) I'd start small (1000 points) and get the hang of things little by little, and just work your way up from there.


Q) Is a warlord still required at 1501?

A) Yes


Q) Can you feild a second unit of adapts at 2000?

A) Yes


Q) Do the new listed models without minis have anything on the drawing board?

A) As far as art, some do, some don't. Heck, Ron Hawkins has even got some art for models that don't have stats yet....


Q) I guess the Skeletal Breaker is now the Skeletal Swordsman since Breaker is no more?

A) You got it.


Q) Why are Crusader Hospitaliers adepts and not grunts?

A) We felt they were more balanced that way.


Q) So the Cleric spell "Dispel" can no longer cancel an offensive spell targeted within 6"?

A) We tried to define the line between clerics and mages a little more. Mages can stop a spell from happening. Clerics can remove the effects after the fact.


Q) With the way it is written that a single model can only have one upgrade this prevents someone from having both increased MD and DV...kinda sucks, but could be an interesting trade-off. Was it intended this way?

A) Yes, this was intended.


Q) Re: The removal of the +2 "Non-Attack Spell" modifier. I don't really feel comfortable with how this will play out. That +2 made clerics capable of casting some offensive spells (hold and so forth) but more efficient and capable of casting defensive and buffing spells.

A) Previously, Clerics were (in most cases) being given a lower CP to account for the +2. Now we're not giving them the drop in CP as a given (although a few did go down). As for attack spells vs defensive spells, their attack spells cost them more than a mage spell that does something similar.


Q) I was looking thru the Errata threads and have a question related to the 25% merc rule. Is it not possible to enlist the services of a single model?

A) Well, right now there is no merc rule in print.


Q) Will the new datacards be finding their way into the model blisters right away?

A) Thats the plan. How soon blisters with the old cards will filter through distribution is another matter though.


Q) Will there be yet another change to the front of the datacard to indicate that it is the newest errata?

A) I believe the "powers that be" would like us to go back to the brick pattern.


Q) Will the cost change be reflected in future releases (and possible re-releases of existing) faction box sets?

A) When we get there, yes.


Q) I'm having trouble understanding how the Trencher SA works now, as opposed to the previous edition. Could you explain it to us please?

A) Certainly! Previously it mattered where the model that was giving the Reach Support Bonus was in relation to the model with Trencher, throw that concept completely out of your mind. Now, a model with reach just needs to be giving a Reach Support Bonus against another model, which is a matter of standing on the other side of a friendly model from the enemy. Now the model is giving a "Reach Support Bonus" against that model. Any friendly model attacking it, or any friendly model with Trencher thats taking defensive strikes against it, get the Reach Support Bonus added to their rolls. You decided which enemy model is getting Reach Support Bonuses against it at the time you declare your MAs or Defensive Strikes.

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Q) Once the new data cards are set in stone, how long will it take before they start shipping with Mini's in the blisters?

A) They are already shipping with the new cards.


Q) Also, will we be able to buy a full set of them?

A) Eventually, yes.


Q) And will the spell cards be updated and made available as well?

A) Yes


Q) Are freelance armies still legal?

A) Yes. The core rules are not changing (save for a handful of errata). Only the datacards, SAs, spells, & equipment.


Q) When is beast equipment going to become available (per the new Beast rule)

A) In a future Kruger's Journal.


Q) Is the double move with a bonus if you don't make B2B of Runner permanently gone?

A) Permanent is a long time. It is gone for now though. It could always return in a future Kruger's Journal.


Q) Are the movement upgrade equipment items coming back or are they still in play, just not in the list?

A) Any Equipment, spells, or SAs not on the list no longer exist. Things could always return in a future Kruger's Journal.


Q) Unrelated to Beta, but triggered by the new equipment. Any hope of a potential future rule to allow models to pick up weapons from dead models the same way you can pick standards up again?

A) Anything's possible. ::):


Q) Please clarify cavalry models . Do they still get the + 2 deflect and do they count as 2 slots?

A) There is no longer a "cavalry SA." Part of the problem here is that we used the same name for two different things (up a level, down a level).


Q) Since the KJs are going to contain information on multiple factions, is there now a chance we will see FAs for Alliances? Or Sub-Lists that contain models from two factions?

For example, the elves and reptus used to hold some type of alliance from hints in the rulebook fluff. Perhaps there is a sect of elves and reptus that still hold to this, thus a new faction from old models arises at the Old Alliance... and then I buy elves...

A) Anything's possible.


Q) Can Garr still act as a sarge?

A) Atm, no.


Q) Is the Burrowing Spawn supposed to be an Adept, rather than a Monster? If so, why?

A) To provide more options for the players. You'll notice it has Outrider, so you can make it a Monster if you choose.


Q) Are additional sculpts planned for models that have recently become adepts?

A) Thats a possibility, sure!


Q) How many sculpts are planned for models that do not have army packs yet?

A) At least one.


Q) Is it ever going to be possible for models that were once part of the 3/2 packs to recieve additional sculpts later down the road?

A) We've already started that trend. There are alternate sculpts coming for bladesisters coming down the pike.

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Q) Will (x) model being getting more sculpts?

A) While I'd like all models to get more sculpts, I'd have to agree with you that (x) model needs them more than any other. I'll see what I can do.


Q) What exactly does the spell Violent Possession do?

A) 1 point of Damage. :devil: (it doesn't need LOS)


Q) I'm having trouble understanding how the Trencher SA works now, as opposed to the previous edition. Could you explain it to us please?

A) Certainly! Previously it mattered where the model that was giving the Reach Support Bonus was in relation to the model with Trencher, throw that concept completely out of your mind. Now, a model with reach just needs to be giving a Reach Support Bonus against another model, which is a matter of standing on the other side of a friendly model from the enemy. Now the model is giving a "Reach Support Bonus" against that model. Any friendly model attacking it, or any friendly model with Trencher thats taking defensive strikes against it, get the Reach Support Bonus added to their rolls. You decided which enemy model is getting Reach Support Bonuses against it at the time you declare your MAs or Defensive Strikes.


Q) Why was (x) spell, SA, Equipment, or rule changed or removed?

A) We felt it would make the game better.


Q) How should we address conversions, proxies, etc? We are already seeing discussion of various exploits of this (elevated capes added to models, for example, repositioned weapons, etc) specifically to make it easier to block LOS.

A) Tournament Organizers have the ultimate say whether a model is legal for proxie or not. If something is overly cheesy, it could/should be brought up to the organizer.

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Q) How will grunt/adept models that receive alternate sculpts be packaged?

Should we expect 2 army packs each with different sculpts... :(

Or should we expect 1 army pack with 4 to 6 sculpts!!! :D

A) As we get more alternate sculpts, they will be included in that army pack. If we ever had 4-6 sculpts of a model, you would get 1 pack with all 4-6 sculpts in it

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