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Windows/Exterior Details on CAV buildings

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I'm building a refinery CAV terrain piece (can put up "draft" pics if people want)...I'm having trouble figuring out how to add windows and doors to the outside. I'm using a metal tin for the main building; I've got lots of N-scale model railroad windows, but they're all designed to attach from the inside of a wall, so I can't just stick them right on...


Anyone have a solution for this (either a way to make them fit, or ways to make good looking windows)?

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As requested:


The windows in question, as well as some other bitz I might be using (these are industrial windows, so they're relatively large). Note the recessed outer edge:



And two shots of the "draft" version of the refinery (still in need of permanent assembly, base, pipes, and various exterior details)





The central octagonal building is what I'm looking at windows etc. for.


(click thumbnails for larger pics)

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I see what you mean... those do pose a problem. Have you thought about clipping the extra parts around the windows/doors? I take it they are flat on the reverse side. Sure they might stick out more than you would like, but it's an idea. Actually, the part around the doors, especially that green one, don't look so bad. Maybe just clip the bottom half so it is flat to the "ground" and leave the rest as a sort of door trim. Another idea is to use thin cardboard to poke the windows and doors through, then cut that so it looks like trim.


The only alternative I can come up with would be make the doors out of thin cardboard and use 3d fabric paint to make the rivets (or if you have a very small hole punch, use that). For windows, I would use "granny grating" (plastic canvas) as seen bellow. It's not as fancy, but it gets the job done and can be glued directly to the surface.




I hope this helps.


Edit: Oh, I forgot to say... be sure to share the finished terrain. That looks like it'll be great!

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Those are all great ideas! It may be a while before I can start; I need to get the aluminum tubes for piping, and the FLGS isn't so local. When I do get the materials, I might try to do a step-by-step, especially since so much of it is "recycled" materials--a lot of the techniques I need to use could be widely applicable.

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