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Design an Encounter Challenge (Prize!)


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Welcome to the first "Design an Encounter" contest from the Gelatinous Dudes. The Gelatinous Dudes are a regional, not-for-profit association of geeks and gamers who do a lot of gaming and pretty hefty amount of charitable work.


Date submission is due: April 8th, 2007


Prize: The prize is the mini I painted pictured below (this mini is also the "focus" of the encounter - details follow beneath the picture). As always, due to my terrible photo taking and photoshopping skills, the mini looks better in hand - and will be on display at the swamp (for the locals - Halifax) until it is given away.


Judging: I will be the sole judge for this event and will determine the winner. For those of you who do not know me I am an educator at the university level and as such, consider myself pretty skilled at unbiased evaluation.


Eligibility: Open to anyone everywhere. To claim the prize you must come pick it up (Halifax, NS, Canada), or be willing to cover shipping costs to your location. I supplied the mini and about 4 hours of my life in painting, so I do not think it much to ask that you pay for it to get to you :)


I will not be giving the prize out UNLESS there are at least 5 submissions to this contest. Please post if you intend to submit.


The Goal: Design an exciting encounter for D&D 3.5 in which the creature below is the main focus.





Some details of the mini:


Reaper calls him a Half-Ogre

He stands upon a large base and is 1.5" tall from top of the base to top of the helm.


The Criteria (and required categories)


Crunch (25%) - The encounter needs to be fully statted. Points will be given for making a challenging (for the CR & EPL you choose) creature that will be fun for PCs to face and DMs to run. Points will also be given for originality and utility. You may use any WoTC published D&D 3.5 supplement to design the creature.


Fluff (25%) - Who is this fellow? What drives him? Where is he from? What is his back story? Is he a BBEG? A follower? A lieutenant? What is his place in the world and why does he want to kill these pesky adventurers. Include in here a bit on personality to the help guide the DM if there is an RPG opportunity.


The Encounter Text (25%) - You know that little box of text that the DM reads as the party enters the room? Write one that describes the scene in appropriate detail without being too lengthy. It should describe the creature, describe the environs, and anything the creature immediately says.


Battlefield Manipulation & Tactics (25%) - The goal here is to make an exciting physical environment for combat and explain to potential DMs how to take advantage of the creature's feats/skills etc. If you'd like you can also include a map of the battlefield. Also, if the creature has minions with him, describe how they should behave in the fight.


Other things:


There can be other monsters in the encounter, but their individual CR must be at least two lower than the Creature's.


The design should include (but not necessarily limited to) elements of the miniature (equipment etc.)


YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR SUBMISSION HERE! . <--- That is a linky btw :)


While .doc and .pdf files offer more creative options for formatting, this is a community event and I want the output to be available to everyone, so please post to the forum thread in the link above. You can email me a formatted "final product" if you would like but it is not necessary.


Hopefully people dig this. If we get lots of submissions I'll do another in a little while (feel free to suggest what kind of mini you'd like to see in the future - bear in mind my costs (aka no giants, dragons or other big things!).




While I may ask contributors if I can use their encounter in a module that will be freely available online eventually, you retain full copyright and ownership of any work submitted.

Cheers and happy designing.

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