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Painting Theda, Shadow Priestess

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Hi folks, with the usual real life oddities going on, I have not had the chance to touch brush to primer, or even to go to my FLGS. ON the other hand, I have reserved a Theda figure, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me who painted the one portrayed on teh Reaper Home Page, and what colors were used for her flesh tone.

Any suggestions would be VERY appreciated as I lvoe the skin color for dark elves.

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Well, I pulled up the PDF with her picture on it, and hard to say whether it was Anne or John or someone else who painted her, but it's not a grey triad for her skin, but I'm thinking it's the lighter two of the Undead Skintone Triad with Linen White added to the Bloodless Skin for the final highlights.


But that's just my thoughts from looking at it... I'm sure Anne will come correct me.

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Me, and as I recall I pulled a Mengu and used the original Bone Colors Triad (basecoat Aged Bone, shading thinned Bone Shadow, highlights in Polished Bone topped with White Leather or Linen White, can't remember).


--Anne ::):

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