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oh Jester!!!!


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Hey Jester


I know you use it, but anyone that also uses Medea Super-lube for airbrushes can chime in. Anyways, where do you the lube other then the needle & how much do you put on? Do you just dab some on the needle & then let the shaft coat the rest of the needle?


weather has been great & I've been missing airbrush opportunities outside (mainly cause I'm lazy to set up)



Randy M

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Well I am not Jester by a long shot but I have been perusing the medea board due to my new purchase as well:



To insure smooth trigger action, lubricate the needle and trigger mechanism regularly. Remove the needle and coat it with a high-quality grease (like Medea Super Lube); then wipe the needle with a soft, clean cloth, leaving on a light coat of grease. Re-insert the needle into the airbrush and re-tighten the needle-chucking nut (#18). Note: DO NOT over-grease the needle packing, since it is possible to transfer the excess grease into the nozzle, causing severe paint flow problems. DO NOT use light machine oil for lubrication. This will cause the needle to stick slightly as it moves though the needle packing.

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thanks D



thought I seen info on lubbing the trigger as well, but wasn't sure


(figures gonna rain tomorrow, wanted to spray some lacquers, oh well, ha ha)


thanks for the info



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