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Well let's see...


There's the stuff that I can't say here.


Smoking...no, gave that up (though sometimes I wonder why)


Don't drink, much...


Video games...no, all I have left is my DS and the computer (which the wife spends more time gaming on than I do, she loves her Civ 3 she does)




...wow, I'm boring.

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I keep a spreadsheet of it. I've marked what I have read and haven't so if I want to find something I haven't read yet, because with all the books I have, I sometimes forget, I check there.


Heh, I have all mine memorized, including the exact location of said book...


Damon, no need for a steenking computer...

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Wow...I mean...wow.


Mine is compulsive book buying. I buy books. Lots and lots of books. I just recieved 4 today (including an omnibus I already read...just so I can add it to the library). That's on top of the 2 others I recieved on Monday...




God, that is so me. I can't walk past a book store without stopping in and buying something.


Books, coffee, and furkids...my vices

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World of Warcraft CCG, minis, and forums. Oh, and any music made by Mr. Chris Cornell.


It used to be guitars, cigarettes and tequila, but I've mellowed out.


My vices change regularly, cause I'm a little schizo, so ask me again in like 6 months. Hopefully I'll still be painting minis, cause my girlfriend loves it.

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Ice Cream. It is the sole reason there are cows on this planet.


If it's available, I will have ice cream every day. There are very few flavors I haven't tried at least once. I was jealous when my wife went skiing in vermont in February and got to visit the Ben & Jerry's factory.

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Heh, this reminds me of an old joke:


Four priests get stuck in an elevator. While they are waiting for the repairmen to get them out, one turns to the others and says "As long as we're alone, to pass the time I'm curious if you all also have secret vices? Mine is the drink: I cannot go a day without strong liquor. More than once I have been mostly drunk when I have delivered a sermon."


The next priest smiles and says, "For me it is gambling. I preach against it, but at night I don my street clothes and play cards 'til dawn or go to the race track. I have even gambled with the money from the collection plate."


The third priest shakes his head, "My vice is women. I have three mistresses in three different nearby towns and I frequent houses of ill-repute as well."


The three look at the last priest expectantly and he says to them, "Well, my vice is gossip and I can't wait to get out of this elevator!"


<rimshot> ::D:

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Oh! I forgot war!


I can't play a peaceful game of Civilzation 3. No matter what happens, I inevitably end up declaring war on my neighbors, especially if they're weaker.


Nothing beats watching your tanks come pouring across your neighbor's border.


It spreads, too. Now my wife is slowly conquering the world with Byzantine tank battalions.



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Well...apart from my OBVIOUS obsession with orcs...there is my obsession with what one might call epicurian pursuits. It's not enough just to cook and eat. For me, dining is an experience, especially where good chocolates or coffee is concerned. Ask anybody about "chocolate moments" or "the Perfect Latte".


As for orcs...y'all probably don't even realize how bad my fangirl obsession is. I actually call my studio "the Reven Room" and have decorated the walls with all manner of things orcly.


But what REALLY caps it.. of late I have been contemplating writing a practical guide to orc cuisine. I believe a few of you have heard me talk about "the full Monglash breakfast" and "choklit-elf".

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Well lets see..


Uh..nope..can't talk about that here..



Hmm, no..not that either..


Uh...wow! No way can I talk about that!



Oh! I smoke..and I drink way too much coffee. ::):



Where is the line between thinking something is really cool and being obsessed? Does recording all the ST:Enterprise episodes I haven't see so I can watch them when I want mean I really like it or am I obsessed? I do delete them off my DVR when I'm done watching them. I guess I'm not so much obsessed as addicted to a couple things and just think a bunch of stuff is really cool and fun.

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