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City of Splendors: Waterdeep

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Forgotten Realms: City of Splendors - Waterdeep Campaign Adventure


Legal & Special Thank You Page


Trademark related to Dungeons and Dragons brands including: Dungeons and Dragons Trademarks belonging to Wizards of the Coast (a Division of Hasbro Inc.).


Books to be utilized:


Players Handbook [Core Rulebook I v3.5] Wizards of the Coast Inc.

Dungeons Masters Guide [Core Rulebook II v3.5] Wizards of the Coast Inc.

Monster Manual [Core Rulebook III v3.5] Wizards of the Coast Inc.

Monster Manual II Bonny, Grubb, Redman, Williams, and Winter Wizards of the Coast


Forgotten Realms [Campaign Setting] Greenwood, Reynolds, Williams, and Heinsoo

Wizards of the Coast Inc.

Forgotten Realms City of Splendors: Waterdeep [Campaign Suppliment] Eric L. Boyd

Wizards of the Coast Inc.


Add In:Scout Class: Complete Adventurer

Precocious Apprentice: Complete Arcane


Specail Web Pages Credit:





Special Note: As adventure progresses this list may be updated upon utilization of “newâ€

books and reference materials.


A Special Thank You to the following: Wizards of the Coast Inc., Reaper Miniatures and Reaper Message Boards, Kit from Reaper Message Board for allowing us to play in this section, the players about to partake in this adventure, and of course Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.



Lorderl: Quintilas Duskwander (Wood Half-Elf, Rogue3/Ftr1, Dalelands)

Haldir: (Human, Cleric of Lathander) [99.999999999% done]

Rocky: Dagan MuHillin (Human, Ranger)

Vinny: Vargos Derylian (Human, Paladin of Helm)

Unglef: Darius Garnor (Human, Ranger)

Spike: Kurith (Half-Orc Barbarian 3 / Fighter 1)

Styates: Eligos Caim (Tiefling Sorcerer 3)



DM: Rylek

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“Quintilas is running down Lamp Street. With a quick look behind him he still sees those 3 nasty hooded thieves chasing him. He then makes the worst decision of his life by making a quick turn mistakenly going down a dead end alley. Looking above and hoping for a little bit of luck, that is when the first strike happened. He felt the pierce of the quarrel run straight through the hamstring. Turning around he sees the three thieves slowing closing in on him. In a desperate situation he unsheathes his dagger only to be hit again with yet another bolt this time in the hand wielding the dagger. Looking at the hooded thieves Quintilas knows this will probably be the last he will see the fine city of Waterdeep. Out of shock Quintilas hears that familiar voice, “So Quintilas it appears that I have you in my sights again. Why do we meet each other in such situations? I believe I shall make you pay deeply for what you have done to me.” After that statement Quintilas begins to feel nauseated and noticed it is no longer easy to breath and focus. Before you know what is going on you feel pommel of a sword break your jaw and nose. You finally hear, “Quintilas this is going to be…..”



The year is 1375 DR. It is the beginning of the Spring Season here in Waterdeep. The Dock District is beginning to bustle again as well as the trade folk in Caravan Court seem to have appeared overnight. There is a slight rain outside and Waterdeep is beginning to see the light of day this early morning. Seems as if the City has fared yet another long winter.



Quintilas you awaken this fine morning after yet another nightmare. It seems as if Eliminister has not quite faded from your memory. After getting all the cobwebs out of your head you begin doing the morning duties. You then find yourself downstairs in the common room in Madame Garah’s Boarding House. Looking around you see the same old same old. It’s been 1 full year since you first placed foot in Waterdeep.


Walking out into the street you feel the dampness of the night as well as the slight drizzle of rain hit your face. Thinking to yourself – “Time to hit old Lannys’ shop and see what’s going on in the city today.”


Making your way to Lannys shop it appears that Waterdeep has decided to take a little rest due to the rainy morning. Walking down the street you see a few City Watch Guards patrolling the street as you make your way to his shop. When you get to the shop you open the door walk inside and see Lanny behind the counter.


Lanny looks to you say’s, “E’llo mate….. Mornin ta ya… I’ve got some newzzzz.”


With that Quintilas perks up and smiles……


Lanny replies, “ Therin seemz ta be a lil gathering of some interestin folk. Dey been axkin abouts you an Dagan… Dey wanted me to give ya dis message.” Lanny hands you the note..


The note reads:


Greetings Quintilas:


We are in need of some assistance. Please be sure to meet us at The Underdark. Your name has been passed

through a certain “circle” of trustworthy associates and we an interest in your abilities for a little “project” we

are working on. Your skills as well as Dagans would be welcome.


When you get to The Underdark – go up to Warrick the bartender and tell him this: “Lle merna aut farien? –

(shall we go hunting in elven)” Then follow his lead.


Meeting time is: 10:00PM tonight…..




Lanny looks to you and says, “Sooz is its good?”

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The year is 1375 DR. It is the beginning of the Spring Season here in Waterdeep. The Dock District is beginning to bustle again as well as the trade folk in Caravan Court seem to have appeared overnight. There is a slight rain outside and Waterdeep is beginning to see the light of day this early morning. Seems as if the City has fared yet another long winter.



Vargos finds himself in meditation for another day. He wonders if today may bring him some type of “change†from his normal duties for Helm. Somewhat getting bored of being a “get it boy†for the older clergy he finds himself wanting more out of his life.


As he is kneeling in his room there is a rap on the door followed by Lady Darkeyes.


You kneel in front of her. She tells you in her stern voice, "My son. We have been asked to assist in a certain matter of business. We elders have talked and decided that it is your turn in the order to assist in such matters at hand. You are to meet up tonight at 10:00 PM in The Underdark Tavern. In the tavern you will walk up to the bartender, name of Warric. You will tell him this elven phrase, 'Lle merna aut farien?' quietly which translates into shall we go hunting. After that we were told no more. So tonight you must make us proud. Give us some stature in this fair city. Let Helm ring loud!!!!!!!


So do you have any questions?"

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The year is 1375 DR. It is the beginning of the Spring Season here in Waterdeep. The Dock District is beginning to bustle again as well as the trade folk in Caravan Court seem to have appeared overnight. There is a slight rain outside and Waterdeep is beginning to see the light of day this early morning. Seems as if the City has fared yet another long winter.



Dagan finds himself alone again strolling the streets of the Dock District. Making your way down the street you happen by the Thirsty Throat. It’s a little early in the morning for a few drinks however you feel something pull at you to go inside this drizzly morning. Walking inside the tavern there is not a whole lot of patrons inside at this early hour. You hear a familiar voice call out to you, “Daganz!!!!!!”


Looking behind the bar you see that old familiar dwarf Hollis Axehandle. He says, “Daganz ---- its been a long time fello. I’vs gots some information’s for youz.”


With that Dagan walks up to the bar and takes a seat.


Hollis say’s, “First things first --- looking like youz be needin some grub --- youz too skinny still. I get you sumetin.” He yells back into the kitchen, “Ehhh Stohana ---- Daganz is herin an looking likes he lost some weight.” Hollis begins to laugh. He yells back into the kitchen, “Hurryz up he loosins weights as we weights for your slow asszz.” Hollis begins to laugh again until he hears, “Ahhh shuuudup fat dorffff! Ives only gots 2 armz that canz only doo sos much.” You then hear coming from the kitchen, “Howz it goingz Daganz myz boyz?? Wez missed youz….”


Before getting anything out of your mouth in response to any question Stohana makes her way out of the kitchen with a plate she places in front of you. She says, “Here Daganzzz dis is onz da house.” You then see her kick Hollis in the butt, look at him in the eye and says, “Youz be getting morez laterz onz fatz dorf!”


Hollis looks to you and say’s, “You evern seez a spiceyz dorf chick likez dis beforz.” He looks to her and sayz, “I’ll be pullenz on yourz beardz laterzzz.” He then starts to laugh again.


Hollis looks back to you again and says, “Eat up Daganz…. I canz talkz whilez youz eatz. We’z havez somez human axkin qustiounz aboutz youzzz… Youzz in trooublezz ladez? Semmin deyz very interestedz inz your wareaboutzz.. Wez saidz nutting to demz though. Sooz whatz beenz goinz onz?”

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Dagan walks to the bar and reaches for Hollis hand for a shake, then seats himself. Thouroughly enjoying the dwarf's accent, (because it reminds him of Drennan), he listens with interest. Dagan pulls down his rain soaked hood to allow full hearing, he is always trying to catch tidbits of information from others conversations that may lead him to his sister.


Dagan says thank you to the female dwarf that gives him his food.

"Oh ya, she is definately a spicey one Hollis. Whered you find that one?

Not much has been going on, been up to the same old usual. Just walking the streets and giving praise to Ehlonna for the gifts given, how have you been".


After Hollin tells Dagan about people asking questions, Dagan takes a quick note of the layout of the room. If there is anyone in the room, ( besides hollis,and the dwarf woman), he takes note of that too. Spot- 9 +3mod=12.

Not being used to free things from Dwarvess, Dagan tries to sense if there is motive . If he has question as to wether something is up, he will not eat the meal, but tell Hollis that he has just eaten and let Hollis know Ehlonna rewards those that don't take more than they need. If he thinks nothing is up, he will begin to eat. SM-11+0mod=11

While doing this, Dagan looks to his plate, but lets his eyes glance to his melee weapons to make sure they are ready if need be


"Of course not hollins, I haven't caused any trouble. I also appreciate you keeping to yerself about me. Quintilas on the other hand, hehe. What kind of information were they askin for, my friend?"

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Vargos remains on his knees and listens intently as the lady speaks, his eyes fixed on the ground.


When she inquires if he has questions, he asks:


"Aye, my mistress. Where can I find this Underdark Tavern, my lady?" he asks respectfully.

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As Quintilas walks down Slop Street he sees the familiar wooden sign of Essimuth’s Equipment, it depicts an armored knight walking doubled over with an overstuffed pack, but Quintilas attention is drawn to the city watch guards that are on patrol. As he turns the handle of the equipment shop he recognizes one of the guards by the name of Raymid. Quintilas steps through the door dragging in a bit of the morning rain in with him, then shuts the door behind him. He stands still for a moment as the rain drips off his hooded dull Sahara colored cloak. The merchant, who's whittling on a piece of wood which resembles a little orc looks up and recognizes him instantly, then greets him as he’s done so many times in the past year. Quintilas removes his hood and smiles as the merchant informs him of having interesting news for him. A young lad named Marcus from Helm’s Hall that was recommended by Quintilas to replaced the former stock boy Kharkos, rushes over with a bucket and mop.


Hmmm… sounds interesting he thinks as he reads the note, circle of trustworthy associates! Now whom would that be Quintilas glances up at Essimuth


Lanny looks to you and says, “Sooz is its good?”


“It may be, just a time and meeting place really.” He states as he tucks the note away. He unfastens his cloak and hands it to Marcus along with a couple copper pieces “You know the routines about recruiting folks for an Adventure!”, the last word he says slowly to get Essimuth excited a bit. “of course I suspect when you went adventuring about and wanted to recruit someone you just up and drag'em out of there breeches, eh” he says with a serious look, then a moment later laughs.


“it does make a mention of a circle of trustworthy associates, which I believe I have you to thank for that” he says with a grin and nod “So my friend, what items do ya have in the back or lining these racks that may suit my needs for this grand adventure of mine!”

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A quick glance around really reveals nothing. The tavern is pretty much vacant besides you, Hollis, and Stohana. Hollis looks to you and say’s, “Eatz boy. Itz on da haus.” He yells back into the kitchen, “Stohana ---- brings two morz platez.” After saying that he motions you to a table over in the corner sits down offering you the seat next to him. You hear Stohana yell back out into the tavern, “Inna minuitz!”


[sense motive =11 which you believe nothing is up or wrong with the situation at hand]


In the time it takes you and stubby little dwarf to sit down at the table Stohana enters the room with 2 more plates of food. She intentionally slaps one down in front of Hollis shooting him a nasty glare, but then sits beside you on the other side giving you that softer warm smile. Stohana looks to you and say’s, “Soz Dagan --- you notz been cominz inn. Youven been missin da fine companyz of dorfz. Wherz dat Quintilaszzz bin at latlyz as wellz? After she finishes speaking Hollis breaks right back in (not allowing you to get a word in edgewise), gets out of his seat and moves back behind the bar. He picks up 3 pints and proceeds to fill them up. In the process he begins to say, “Soooo getz to eating Daganz!. Imma gettinn usz somes drink.” After he finishes pouring 3 pints he walks back over and sets the 3 pints on the table. He looks to both you and Stohana , grabs a pint, and takes a giant drink. He then says, “Ahhhhh finests dwarven mead! Soz thez humanz were axkin qustiounz aboutz youzzz. Theyv dress real nice foren thesz partz. Theyz axkin aboutz your stayz here in townz. We tellz dem noting though. Howeverz we did hearz sometinz interstinz. Derz been chatz ofz a majorz shiftz inz somen powerz here in da docx. Wez nots quite shuren whatz itz means though.” Strohana looks to you and adds, “Wez tinkienz demz humanz axkin aboutz youz hasen sumtin to do withs itz.” She looks at you in the eyes and grabs your arm, “So’z Daganz youz mustz startz to be more cautious den everz when treakin ins dis parts of townz.” When she lets go of your arm you feel her slip something between your legs. They both look at you with a look of concern then to each other. Hollis turns to sayz, “Letz us finishs breakfasts thens chatz somes more.” Hollis and Strohana then dig back into the breakfast and mead.





Lady Darkeyes looks to you and replies, “My son ….. The Underdark Tavern is in the Trades Ward. It’s on the main thoroughfare High Street. Vargos I can not guarantee any safety to you once you step foot on this path. However I can offer you this.” she claps her hand and small boy enters your room carrying a sheathed weapon. “This church has known for quite sometime that your services would be asked of and our forgers as well as priests have been working on this blade for quite some time.” The child walks up to you and kneels with a sword lying across 2 hands. Lady Darkeyes looks to you again and replies, “My son, may Helm guard you and keep you safe. Now if you would so kindly join us for a short breakfast before the day gets underway.”


As you stand you notice the boy is still kneeling in front of you with the swords stretched across both hands.


You see Lady Darkeyes exit your room and proceed down the hallway.





Lany looks back at you and replies, “Well I have something that’s might interest ya. In facts its in your price range as well.” He ends up sliding a short sword across the table to you. He then looks to you winks and says, “Whoever is trying to recruit you sure does want you at a fair price my friend. I can say they handed me this as well to hand over to you. I could’ve made a mint probably but…… anyway it’s yours. [When taking the sword off of the countertop you slide the blade out of the scabbard to inspect the craftsmanship of the weapon. The weapon has a blackened steel pommel, a red & black interwoven leather handle, a blackened steel crossguard, a tarnished steel blade, and the scabbard is also blackened steel. You also notice something strange about the weapon but you can not identify the feeling] Now onto my business ------ we have a few nice trinkets here. I’ll be right back.” He walks into his office for about 10 minutes. You hear some banging and other noises. Lany reappears and brings over a wooden case. He looks to Marcus and says, “Lock the door Marcus and flip the closed sign around.” Marcus walks over to the door and flips the sign in the window to Closed and locks the door. Lany then opens then places a fabric on the top of the display case. He opens up the wooden chest and places 5 rings on the fabric [3 rings are made of silver, 1 ring is made of gold, and the last ring is made of platinum. The platinum ring has a round cut emerald set in the center. The gold ring has 2 oval bloodstones off set. The 3 gold rings: 1 – has a very small square moonstone in the center. 2 – has 3 very small princess cut waterstars in a circular pattern. 3 - has a marquise cut malachite] He looks at you and wryly states, “Soooooo How these hit your fancy?”

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"In Helm's name, it shall be done." Vargos replies formally, waiting until she exits before he looks down at the boy and takes the sword.


"How are you, little one?" he asks, his formality loosening with Lady Darkeyes's exit. He draws the blade and investigates it, looking at its craftsmanship and what kind of sword it is, taking an interest in any fine details, taking a few test swings (althought careful not to hit the boy, that wouldn't do for a paladin now, would it?).


Finally, he sheates the blade, and straightens his vestments, buttoning up his tunic.


"Come, let us eat, yes?" he says to the boy with a smile, gently patting him on the head before leaving for the dining hall. He would pack later.

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Quintilas eyes flash as the weapon slides to a stop in front of him. From the length of the scabbard he quickly recognizes that it must be a short sword within the blackened steel skin. Thou he's quite familiar with the use of a wide variety of weapons, the Short Sword has always held a unique fascination for him. The swiftness and lightness of this class of weapon has always complimented his own natural ability to strike with an eerie precision, not to mention the weapons effectiveness in confined quarters.


As the blade escapes its dark confinement its voice sings a tone of true craftsmanship “Chiiiing”, its sweet sound lingering for moments expressing its joy of freedom. Quintilas marvels at the beauty and strength of that which consumes his grasp, then in a swift turn which takes him a step back he effortlessly cuts an arc in the air around him as if in a dance. He looks to Essimuth, expecting to see him elated at his exhibition of swordplay, only to find him impassively standing there, then he says


“Now onto my business, we have a few nice trinkets here, I’ll be right back.” He says as he turn away and heads into his back office


Obviously from the tales that Quintilas has heard Essimuth tell, that a man with his experiences would hardly be so easily impressed by such dramatics from a young whipper snapper, as he would put it. Marcus on the other hand is an altogether different story, he managed to catch the performance and now stands awed from where he was organizing racks in the backroom.


Quintilas grins as judging from the sounds erupting from the back office, Essimuth must be quite involved in whatever he is so adamantly searching for. Using his better judgment and thinking that its best not to be standing about with a drawn weapon incase another customer enters the shop, or worst yet the city watch!, Quintilas decides its best to returned the weapon from which it came so that it may seek solace once more in slumber. Once again, the beauty of tarnished steel stands at the precipice of its imprisonment, upon command it dives down the fissure, Quintilas hears its cry resonate up from the void of emptiness, only to be silenced with a “Zinth” as if it were a child being entombed. Thou the sword lays quietly in slumber Quintilas could sense that there was more to the finely crafted blade than meets the eye.


Essimuth has had it in his possession, he’d likely looked it over carefully and he did say he could make a mint on it. Its just like em to let me suffer in wonderment as to its nature, paying me back for teasing em about adventuring no doubt a grin crosses his face in appreciation of the older mans cleverness. He would play the waiting game a bit and see how long the old dog would make him wait, if he doesn’t break he’ll put the question directly to him. Many thing might be said of Essimuth Lanys, but lair is not one of them. In the past year that Quintilas as gotten to know him, sharing stories between one another, he’s learned that Lanys is truthful, honest and a loyal friend. Turns out that every story, thou a bit longwinded, that Quintilas has bother to check out were completed true.


Leaving the weapon off to the side on the counter and hoping that it would draw Lanys out into talking more of it if he himself were not hovering near it, Quintilas turns his attention to the racks lined with a variety of equipment.


I’ve been meaning to get myself a bow or maybe even a crossbow at the least, Dagan and I could hunt some game for dinner and spend a couple of nights in the woods like when we were younger, he’s sure to enjoy that, wonder what tavern I’ll find em in today!


His thoughts linger on his adopted brother for awhile longer as he scans the racks before being interrupted by another “Clang” vibrating from the backroom. what’s keeping em, sure is going through a lot of trouble for whatever he's after


As he continues to wait for the veteran adventurer to return his thought carry over to the nightmares of recent nights and his odd recollection of the elderly man he stumbled upon back in Shadowdale. Funny how the mind works that he would so vividly recall after so much time as pasted the kindly features of one he doesn’t even know. His thoughts are once more treaded upon has Lanys reappears from the back carrying a small wooden chest. After issuing some instructions to Marcus who quickly does as he’s told, Essimuth proceeds to lay a shimmering Amethyst cloth down on the counter, where then upon opening the chest he places several shining rings. Quintilas mouth drops open as he gawks in bewilderment at the treasures Lanys has revealed to him


“Soooooo, how these hit your fancy?”


Running his fingers through his thick black shoulder length hair Quintilas takes a half step forward while mumbling.


“Wha, how’d, oh my!” is all he says as he looks from the rings to Lanys and then back to the precious things that form a line on the glimmering sea which they lay upon.


“You are full of surprises today aren’t you!” he continues to say, his eyes never leaving sight of the “Trinkets” before him. After a few moments of inspecting the trinkets with glossed-over eyes, he comes to a realization and suspects that these must be enchanted items that Lanys must have acquired during his time with the Knights of the Sword Coast, and he can only imagine what other items the retired adventurer may have obtained through his twenty odd years of questing throughout the lands of Faerûn. He will never ask for its not often that one is given a chance to glimpse another’s prized and private holdings.


“ I.., I.., when I asked what items you had for my adventure I never thought in my wildest dreams that you would show me such.., such “Trinkets” he says in wide eyed wonderment.


“In all honesty I have not the gold or gems for which to pay for even one of these beauties” he starts off saying as he rubs the back of his neck wishing he had the means to procure at least one of the precious rings, but he will be damn if lets the opportunity pass without at least inquiring there nature for a later purchase or trade.


“I could cut off my arm as payment but I’d need it during my own years of tomb exploring, besides, what would you do with it? Beat little ole Marcus there over the head with it, ha”


“If I may be so bold my friend, what silent secrets do each of these “Trinkets” hold within there shining casements? Starting with this one right here.” He says pointing to the platinum ring with the round cut emerald which brings to his mind the woods of his homeland.

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Dagan eats the food, and drinks the ale, the whole time talking and chatting with the dwarves. Mostly small talk is all that escapes his tongue. While chatting he stows the item into one of his many pockets, under the table out of site, easily accessible if need be.


Curious that my friends would give me something, keep it out of site. The walls must have eyes.


As the conversation peruses, Dagan, with a smile so not to “tip off” any onlookers, leans in with a smirk and giggle,as if to tell a dirty joke in a quite whisper; “ My friends, your worries have become my own. What burdens you so? Your eyes reflect back helplessness. With friends like you, I worry not. With a friend like me….. you always have help when needed. Know this. Now please, if time permits, please tell me what has shaken you. If my presence is endangering you tell me, I will take absence, my feelings will not be hurt. If your, my, or my brothers life is in danger, speak now, I will try to correct this injustice”.


His look of seriousness leaves his face and he leans back into his seat and with a hearty laugh, (as if the joke was done) pushes the plate away and states, “I can’t eat another bite, Ehlonna won’t allow it. That is the best food I’ve had since… I was home, thank you”. And yes, she is feisty… and beautiful to boot”! He looks to the female dwarf and winks.

“A meal this fine cannot go un-rewarded.” He drops in plain sight onto the table 2 copper pieces. He places in the females lap a small cloth while the coppers are still bouncing, the contents are 5 pp. He figures this will last a minute, if his dwarve friends need to “hide” for a bit. If not, then it’s a well deserved tip for the information. “I’m only sorry I can’t afford to give you more, because it’s well worth it”.

Dagan would give them every copper he had if they needed it, he thought to himself.


Dagans curiosity is aroused, senses on the alert. Is there danger at hand?


Spot check, If anyone’s entered the room.

7 roll+3 skill =10

Listen check, footsteps and such, silence/noise that wasn’t there before.

13 roll +4 skill =17

Intelligence check, if someone is now in the room, look familiar, follower/stalker of some sort

Rolled a natural 20 +1 int bonus =21


Dagan awaits their reply, on the ready, but not relaying it to anyone. If he sees or hears noone besides himself and the dwarfs, he will peek at the wrapped item under the table if the dwarfs allow it.

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The little boy replies, “Very good sir!”


Taking the bastard sword from the boy you notice this is a fine piece of craftsmanship indeed. You feel the power of the blade as soon as it’s in your possession. [The sword has the following characteristics: sparkling purple steel pommel, a white and purple interwoven leather handle, a honed steel crossguard with an inlet of Helms Gauntlet in sparkling purple steel and the eye in gold, and a sparkling purple steel blade, and the scabbard is also sparkling purple steel.


After the inspection of the weapon and a few practice swings (the little boy is very impressed by the weapon and your ability to wield it with grace and ease) you say, “Come, let us eat, yes?” The little boy looks up to you and says , “Race ya!!!!” He immediately exits your room and begins to run down the hall in the direction of the dining hall.


When you enter the dining hall you notice that all the orphaned children are sitting around a big table with 1 empty chair between them. They all look your way, get off of their chairs and proceed to kneel before you. Looking behind the table you notice Lady Darkeye surrounded by the other 3 temple elders standing at the main table. Lady Darkeyes say’s, “Welcome Vargos…. It is our privilege to eat this fine breakfast with your presence this morning. We hope for a fast and safe return for the adventure you are about to take.”


After she is done speaking Sir Elhorn Falconsflight tells everyone to bow their heads. He proceeds to give thanks for the food and asks for Helm to watch over you in your adventure. Finally the congregation leader Lord Rickven Darkeye asks you to come up to the main table. While you walk up to the main table you notice none of the children move position they continue to kneel. When you approach the table Lord Rickven says, “Vargos --- it is my privilege to give you this assignment. We have decided it is time for you to make that journey. Please take Helms name and spread it wisely. Remember the valiant ways of the paladin that we have shown you over the years. To VARGOS!!!!!!!! Now children please be sure to show Vargos a great farewell today. We may not see him for quite some time.” After the little speech the children get up and rush you with a big group tackle. As you are being taken down you hear the three elders begin to laugh amongst themselves as the children climb all over you. You then hear in a stern voice from Rickven, “Now children there will be enough of time for that!!!! Please children take your seats.” You notice they make a quick dash to the table and are in their seats before you can get off of the ground. When standing up the elders motion for you to take your seat as well. Walking back to the circular table with the children you take your seat. The elders take their seats and some of the teenagers begin to serve the breakfast which consist of typical breakfast food --- eggs, ham, bread, milk and water.


At the end of the dining experience Lady Darkeye and Sir Elhorn Falconsflight tell the children to follow them to wash up and help clean up the dining hall. That is when you notice Lord Rickven Darkeye call you over to him. He asks you, “So Vargos how does that bastard sword feel? We channeled Helm in the forging process to bless this weapon. My son, as the Lady said to you --- we can not guarantee your safety although we do wish we could. So my son ---- do you have questions before we make our exits?”




“If I may be so bold my friend, what silent secrets do each of these “Trinkets” hold within there shining casements? Starting with this one right here.” He says pointing to the platinum ring with the round cut emerald which brings to his mind the woods of his homeland.


Essimuth replies, “Ahhh nice ring it is…. Well this one has an interesting story… This happened to come into my possession long ago. It was on an adventure not unlike the one you are going to be taking part in from what I gather at least….” Essimuth then begins to ‘shine’ the ring up using the cloth he laid down on the table. Looking at the ring you feel a sudden pull as if you need this item.. Essimuth looks to you and with a soft chuckle begins where he left off at, “Very nice ring indeed….. Could be yours for $1000.00 plat my friend….. Yes sir me and this ring go way back…. If you don’t happen to have any plat I am sure we can consider a trade my fair friend or maybe a little business venture together.” As he slowly shows all the facets of the ring to you..


As you continue to stare at the ring in his fingers, he gets Marcus’ attention and the helper silently moves to the other side of the counter and slips the other 4 rings back into the box leaving just the ring you were interested in and the cloth on the display case. You seem to be very tantalized by the uniqueness of the ring...


[Make a will save]






“ My friends, your worries have become my own. What burdens you so? Your eyes reflect back helplessness. With friends like you, I worry not. With a friend like me….. you always have help when needed. Know this. Now please, if time permits, please tell me what has shaken you. If my presence is endangering you tell me, I will take absence, my feelings will not be hurt. If your, my, or my brothers life is in danger, speak now, I will try to correct this injustice”.


Strohana looks to you and grabs your hand and says very low key, “Don’ts worryz boutz us. Weez be okies.. Youz letz us be worrinz forz you…” With that Strohana folds the napkin with the coins and places it in her apron pocket. She then picks up all the plates and silverware since everyone is done with breakfast and runs off to the kitchen. As shes leaving she turns around and says, “I’llz be backzz quicklyzz dontz leaves us yetzz..”


Hollis looks to you and says, “Ayezzz shezz isa rightz. Youz no needs worryz for uss…. You seez ladzz (he pulls your arm as well as your body very close to him so he can say something very soft) Wezz neverzz tellz you dis but…… Drennan….. yes oldz Drennon……. Hez a distant cousinz of Strohana…. Wez recievedz wordz throughs ourz networkzz. Heh! Hez sendz us wordz for youz…. Inz dat bogz betweenz your legz isa letterzz. Sorts of a littlez helpz letterzz. Dontzz reads it herezz Neverz knows whatz aroundz here in da deepz at any timez. Canz bes deadly to da soulz.”


You notice Strohana reenters the tavern room again proceeding back to the table and sits beside you again. She looks to Hollis and he gives her a nod. She looks to you and says quietly, “Yezz Daganzz itza truez. Drennonz ista 5ths cousinz of minez. To ourz luck hez isa stillz withs us todayz butz in hidingzz. We dwarvezz hazzz a bigz networkzz. Thatz bagz shouldz help explainz thingz betterz.”


After she is done speaking she stands up places both of her arms around your neck and gives you a big hug and kiss on the cheek. She whispers in your ear, “Wishz I couldz helpz ya betterz me boyzz. Ifz you needz anythings come asks but be cautiouzz herez in da docks..” She then runs off back to the kitchen grabing the pints and makes her exit.


Hollis stands up and proceeds to move back behinds the bar leaving you at the table alone to collect your thoughts for the weight they just dropped onto your lap.


[spot check, If anyone’s entered the room 7 roll+3 skill =10 - No one entered the room]

[Listen check, footsteps and such, silence/noise that wasn’t there before 13 roll +4 skill =17 - You don’t really hear anything except the dishes being washed in the kitchen]

[intelligence check, if someone is now in the room, look familiar, follower/stalker of some sort Rolled a natural 20 +1 int bonus =21 - Nothing]

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Vargos admires his new sword, his hands carefully testing the edge, running his fingers along the polished steel and the intricate leatherwork on the handle, clutching the handle to find a strong grip. He marvels at the sword and, after satisfied with it, he sheates it and straps it to his belt, then buckling it firmly around his waist.


"Aye, slow down. I'm twice you're age, little one. Slow down less, Helm forbids, I break something, yes?" he says jokingly and follows the boy to the dining hall, taking large steps to keep up with the boy without looking like a complete fool running down the corridor after a kid. Meanwhile, he straightens his purple tunic, which does him little good, as he is suddenly wrestled to the ground by the kids.


"Woah..." Vargos can only manage to say before the kids bring him down. By the time, he recovered, he is laughin while dusting himself off.


Truly these children, I shall miss them. Thank Helm for his temple and his protection, less these kids be on the streets. And that's no place for children to live.


Seating himself at table, Vargos eats heartily, taking extra slices of ham in particular.


When all is done, Vargos stands in front the elders and bows respectfully.


"Yes, it is a beautiful blade, and it feels as if I have wield before. I thank you, it is a most prized gift." he says. "As for my safety, I thank you for your concerns, and I am concerned as well, naturally. But with this blade, and Helm's blessings and protection, I should not feel too uneasy going forth into the unknown."


"Questions? Aye, I was wondering..." he says, changing the subject a bit, "If there be any news from Amm? I do like to keep up with the homeland, but I have been fairly occupied as of late. Any news would be welcomed."

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Quintilas adjusts his position as he leans against the counter to get a better view of the ring, while also preparing himself for another of Essimuth stories, which is likely truthful but he suspects will contain a fair amount of embellishment as most of his stories do. Quintilas eyes lock onto the object of his desires, much of his awareness dissolves around him as the platinum band waltzes between Essimuth dexterous trained fingers. With his free hand Essimuth skillfully grabs the shimmering amethyst cloth, the remaining four rings glide off the sparkling seabed which they rested upon and soundlessly come to a halt on the counter still in their previously arranged order as Essimuth proceeds to polish the ring that’s has tantalizingly captured Quintilas will. Quintilas desires grow as the platinum ring takes on an even greater luster and the round cut emerald that innocently rest in the center seems to pull Quintilas inward as it reflects itself in his hazel eyes. The world around Quintilas has all but vanished as he doesn’t make the slightly acknowledgement to what Essimuth is saying or even when young Marcus removes the remaining rings from the counter as he places them back into the wooden chest.


(Will Save: 16 (18) (Roll: 12, +4 mod, (+2 racial)))

(Elves and Half-Elves receive a +2 Save bonus against Enchantment spells and Spell-like Effects, didn’t know if it applies but included it in the parenthesis)


If the save is successful:

Quintilas blinks several times as he stands upright off the counter and straightens his dark brown vest. He looks up at Essimuth with a sheepish grin believing that he must have been daydreaming of sorts and says


“Um, what was it again that you were saying about how you came about this unique treasure and its properties?”


If the save Failed”


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Dagan gets up from the table. He then heads out the door to get home to read the note.

On his way, because of the news of people asking about him, he sort of pays more attention than normal to everyone and everything that happens around him.

Thoughts of Drennan, his family, and his sister flood his mind.

Occasionally, he glances back, to and fro to see if he is being eyed, not wanting to get caught unaware.


As Dagan walks out the front door of the place he gives a short quiet whistle, coming from around the corner of the building runs a pug dog. Dagan leans down and gives the dog a pat on the head.


" c'mon ogre", and gives the dog a bit of bread.


Dagan stands upright and walks toward home, pug at heel.

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