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City of Splendors: Waterdeep

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Kurith continues to restrain the poor coachman, but her mind wanders to her half-elf accomplice. She had really hoped that Thor Irongullet's proposed venture would get her a bit further from her old life on Shesrtra's Street, but now she begins to feel drawn toward that old feeling of exhilaration that she used to feel when administering a working-over for The Captain.


Kurith is arriving at the conclusion that whether Elistin squeals like a pig as Quntilas so accurately described, or whether he never speaks another word, it does not matter. Kurith has decided she has no intention of working for the likes of Thor Irongullet nor does she care to meet any of the Hawkwinters who allegedly hold the purse-strings for Thor's venture. Even the idea of rousting drunks for Irenda no longer appeals to Kurith. She has plans of her own.


From the corner of her eye, Kurith sees Quintilas stuffing something shiny back under the collar of his tunic. Her furtive glance catches his eye. She grins and loosens her hold on the driver's arm.


"Quint?", she starts, her voice no longer that of her tough-halforc personna. "Ever sold in-shurance b'fore?"


She looks down at the poor driver, suspecting the whimpering human would gladly hand over a few gold pieces right now if he could move his arm.


"I"d let ya come work for me. I'll even pay ya a fair share. Whaddaya say we get outta here 'fore them others or the Watch comes stickin' their noses in."


She releases her hold on the driver and stands up. "Let's go get us drunk. I'm buyin'."

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Darius hears Kurith's proposition about gettin durnk (again) from his position on top of the coach. He leans down, and sticks his head in the window. "That's a good idea, m'lady! I'll pay for the whores!"



[Listen check: 1d20(20)+11=31]

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