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City of Splendors: Waterdeep

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"Questions? Aye, I was wondering..." he says, changing the subject a bit, "If there be any news from Amn? I do like to keep up with the homeland, but I have been fairly occupied as of late. Any news would be welcomed."


Lord Rickven Darkeyes replies, “I am sorry to say we have not heard anything from Amn as of late. However we are working on establishing communications with them again. It seems as if something is amiss at this moment. But remember my son …… this should be the least of troubles on your mind. Let us worry about this while you prepare for what lies ahead. I promise when you get back to us we will have the information you seek. I believe that a few of the children will be stopping in to say their goodbyes. I know they dearly look up to you and wish one day to be walking in your footsteps. Helm will they will surly fill the position in time. This being said I shall make my exit. I may stop into your room before you leave Helm willing ……. Some days are more hectic then others around here as I am sure you know…”


The Lord gives you a firm hug and makes his way down the hallway towards his office. As you watch him leave the room Sir Elhorn Falconsflight enters the room and says, “Son ….. please come over to the table and sit with me for a few. I was the priest involved in the smithing of the sword you now possess. It is truly a remarkable piece of equipment for sure. If you have any questions about please feel free to ask. I am sure you felt something with the weapon when you first took hold of the item. Helm has been generous indeed.”





[(Will Save: 16 (18) (Roll: 12, +4 mod, (+2 racial))) ---- barely success]


Quintilas blinks several times as he stands upright off the counter and straightens his dark brown vest. He looks up at Essimuth with a sheepish grin believing that he must have been daydreaming of sorts and says “Um, what was it again that you were saying about how you came about this unique treasure and its properties?”


[Make a listen check]


Eissmuth mouths something very fast and barely audible. He looks to you and say’s, “Aye this lil gem came into my possession years ago in my youth. It was a day I shall not forget anytime soon. It was up in a northern land from here …….. my fello adventurers as I was attacked at campsite by an ogre lieutenant and his scouting party. God knows how we ever escaped with our lives that night. After a fierce battle between that Lieutenant, I noticed this little trinket with a lieutenant’s finger attached to it so I picked it up and pocketed the thing. Poor ogre never had a shot but all I can tell ya is in the battle that ogre had some very fast and dexterous moves for such a big creature. He moved with the grace of skilled assassin or a panther on the prowl. His moves were most elegant as he tried to perform his dance of death. But that day I was superior and showed him what it was meant to tangle with ole Eissmuth. As he tried to get the upper hand I forced him into that fatal flaw. I forced him to parry an attack placing his foot into a fallen tree and as he tripped over the log there came the death blow ……. handy sword to the neck. ….. never had a fighting chance….”


Eissmuth quickly gives Marcus a signal in which he proceeds to head to the front of the store, flips the closed sign back to open, and unlocks the door. Eissmuth then plops the ring back into the cloth, and all go back into the wooden box. Eissmuth looks to you and says, “So if ya wants the ring --- it’s about $1000.00 plat…..” looking you over he says, “well maybe some day …. you may not see what this ring can actually do… I only show it to my best customers….. However I get new trinkets all the time from trades plus I have a little storage place where I keep a stash of some articles I have found in my adventuring days. Some bring back good memories and some not quite so good.”


Eissmuth proceeds to walk the wooden box back into his office and places it out of sight of where you are standing. As he reenters the store he says, “So can I help you out with anything else this afternoon Quintilas?”





[side note ---- for some reason you forgot you even seen the other 4 rings]





As you lean down and give the dog a pat on the head you don’t really notice anything out of the ordinary. A few more people are starting to move around outside, however it is still raining just now it seems to be raining harder then it was earlier today.


Walking down the street heading back home it appears that nothing is out of place even though you are paying a lot more attention to detail then normal. You are starting to feel a little bit sleepy all over again --- more then likely from that breakfast as well as the weather. Strohana sure can make an outstanding breakfast and Hollis sure does get some fine meads in his establishment.


As your pug is running behind you he suddenly starts to bark……..


[make a spot check, listen check]

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"It is an amazing blade, no doubt." Vargos says as he takes a seat at the table, resting his hand on the pommel of his new blade.


"I did feel something, a power in the blade. May I ask what this may be? An enchantment of some sort?"


Vargos draws the sword again and puts it on the table before the priest, running his hand along the blunt edge of the blade.

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(Listen: 11 (Roll: 3, +8 mod))


Quintilas listens as Essimuth regales him of his past adventure. He watches as Essimuth waves his arms about as he mimics the sequence of the battle, and as Essimuth stomps about on his Owl craved wooden peg leg which he crafted himself, Quintilas imagines how tenacious and fierce ole Essimuth must have been in his youth.


Dam shame!, that must have hurt something fierce, it wasn’t enough that the blasted Owlbear went and bit he right leg off at the knee, the friggin beast went and clawed out his right eye too he thinks, noting the black eye patch Essimuth wears


Essimuth shakes his head as he finishes his tale “ ….never had a fighting chance.”


Quintilas gives a board grin showing his approval of another well told adventure. He watches as Marcus reopens the shop, then he turns his attention back to Lanys as he hears him state the price of the ring once more. As Essimuth heads toward the back Quintilas can’t help as if something isn’t quite right, then dismisses the feeling believing its because he’s not working out the shop today with that ring on his finger.


“So can I help you out with anything else this afternoon Quintilas?”


“Well, lets see…, seeing as how I never fancied crossbows much, I could use a bow. Maybe something in a shortbow, thou I prefer a longbow but will hold off till I can afford one of better quality or of special make.” Quintilas starts off saying as he moves closer to the sheathed weapon on the counter. “But perhaps you could first tell me more of whom gave you the note and this here sword” he adds grabbing the sword and unsheathing it just a bit revealing the finely crafted metal within, then sheathing it before placing it back on the counter. “It may give me some insight as to what they may need of me and Dagan, then I’ll have more of a idea of what items I’ll need to acquired before the arranged meeting tonight.”


Quintilas knows that he gave out a tidbit of information just then but he wants to get Essimuth mind to thinking of any details that he may have observed or heard when he was given the items.


“unless these items were delivered by messenger?” he says inquisitively

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"It is an amazing blade, no doubt." "I did feel something, a power in the blade. May I ask what this may be? An enchantment of some sort?" Vargos draws the sword again and puts it on the table before the priest, running his hand along the blunt edge of the blade.



Sir Elhorn Falconsflight looks to you and gives a little snicker. He replies, “Aye --- I agree. You have no idea how long this has taken in its craftsmanship. We had great expectations of you one day Vargos Derylian. When we first saw you long ago we knew you had promise. It’s just amazing to see how much your skills and abilities have grown within our commune. It is a privilege to know one such as yourself. Now before I answer your questions I will give you a little story first if you don’t mind. You see long ago there was a young lad not unlike yourself ready to take on the world in a flash. He jumped at every opportunity to do ‘justice’ and spread Helm’s word where and when he saw fit. In some circumstances this was a great course of action. However some opportunities this was not the wisest choice. Sometimes this got him into more trouble then it was worth. He had to make decisions that were not the best of decisions to make. However for the most part he stayed true to what he believed was right. One of those decisions that got him into trouble is where we come to. You see he decided in a quick decision that his way was the only way and the opposition was a fool. This led probably to the gravest decision of his life. You see it was his twin brother at whom the confrontation had taken place with. His twin was a ranger by trade and did not share the same viewpoint as he did with helm. This led to an extreme argument between the brothers. As the argument got progressively worse between the brothers the twin decided to walk away from the argument and leave the man behind. This would be the end of the twin for the man decided that he will end this discussion in Helms name ---- he drew the weapon from its scabbard so fast ….. he barely had time to think and the blade plunged deep within the rib cage of his own twin brother. For his brother would never breathe another breath. As for the ending of this man we will let it go to your imagination. You see Vargos --- Helm will stay very close to your heart and soul. Out in the world Helm is not the only Deity for worshiping. Stay close to Helm in your travels but remember to also accept others for what they are and who they are, not for who they worship. But be wary ---- some may not be so nice and it is a judgment call that you and you alone will make. Make sure it is the right call and not the wrong call as the one we see in the story”


After the story Sir Elhorn stands and takes the sword in his hand from the tabletop. He gives 3 fast circular motions in the air and on the 3rd he tosses the blade high into the air. When the blade lands back on the table the tip of the blade sinks into the table. Elhorn then pulls the blade out of the table and places the blade (Flat side down) on his index finger and let’s go. The blade stays perfectly balanced with his index finger 1 inch up the blade from the cross guard.


He looks to you and says, “See how well balanced this blade is… The smith who worked this instrument is well known for her abilities. Now watch this,” he flips the blade into the air and grabs it with his right hand by the handle. He walks over to the chair he was sitting on and swings the blade in the direction of the chair. To your amazement the blade never moved the chair. He looks to you and continues, “Go on inspect the leather cushioning.” You walk up and look to the chairs back cushion and notice the ever so slightest line going across the leather. Using your hands you grasp each side of the line and to your amazement the leather splits open letting all of the ‘stuffing’ inside of the chair spill out on the ground. Elhone begins to chuckle and states, “She even knows how to put a sting on a blade like no other. You know the crafter. She worked on this blade for you for 12 months of hard labor. She worked many hours to achieve such a wonderful piece of equipment especially in the attention to detail.”


He then grabs the scabbard and slides the sword back into its home and lays it on the table.

He motions for you take a seat again and he sits in a different chair this time. Elhone begins to speak again, “Now for the interesting part. That power you feel ---- its amazing isn’t it. It is the holiness of the weapon shining through. But be warned …… do not let the power of the weapon go to your head. Use it for the good of all not for the good of yourself. It will get you out of bad situations but on the other hand may also put you in bad situations. Yes a very nice magical weapon indeed. Now the last and final part will be up to you.”


Elhone grabs the blade again and unsheathes it very quickly. He looks to you and states, “Vargos ….. remove your shirt and kneel before me.” You quickly strip off your shirt and kneel before Sir Elhorn Falconsflight. He looks to you and says, “Head down lad and eyes closed and begin to pray to Helm for guidance about the adventure you are going to undertake.” As you begin to meditate he begins to pray to Helm. Slowly his words fade far from memory as your meditation grows deeper and deeper.


In that meditation you see many visions – some from your childhood – some from your training – and some of the most current events of your life. You then see a vision of the sword you were given….. You see a man kneeling in the corner of the room. You see the face of the man and he is you. The sword seems to have a life of its own for it moves to face you. The eye in the hand suddenly flashes to a bright white light. Your can barely see due to the brightness of the eye within the gauntlet. The sword gently slides across your right shoulder blade. It then moves back to the center of your head. The eye flashes this time to a bright purple. It then slides across your left shoulder blade and moves back to face you again. The eye then begins to glow a white light again --- so bright it is blinding. The eye begins to detach itself from the crossguard. The eye settles of you left beast. You can feel the heat from the eye it’s unbearable. It moves closer and positions itself directly on your skin by your heart. You can’t stand the brightness of the eye but you can not look away. You can feel the sensation of flesh burning and you can also smell the smell of flesh burning. The eye then moves back away from your chest and moves back to the crossguard. The eye reattaches itself to the crossguard and puts off the brightest light yet alternating between white, gold, and purple. Suddenly the light is too much to take and the meditation goes to total darkness.


When you awaken you are back in your room.


You can hardly see it’s like your eyes have been burned, but you hear some familier voices.


Lord Rickven Darkeyes says, “Ahhh he has awakend.” Lady Darkeyes responds, “Welcome back Vargos.” Sir Elhorn Falconsflight says, “Welcome back Vargos. Do not try to struggle too much. The ceremony is almost completed. Vargos the last part is up to you. It is your duty to name the sword you possess. As for the rest of us we leave you to yourself. We will not see you out this day. This is the last you will hear from us until your return. We will pray for your well being everyday.” You can hear the movement of one of the elders open the door and exit the room. Lady Darkeyes responds, “Vargos --- safe journeys my friend ---- let Helm guide you and protect you in all circumstances you may encounter.” Lastly Lord Rickven Darkeyes responds, “Vargos…. Stay safe my son…. May Helm watch over you to the end of days….” You feel the Lord lead into you and whisper, “Vargos …. Henceforth you will be known to us as Knight Vargos…. Again safe journeys my son…..” You feel him move away from you and you hear him exit the room shutting the door behind you.






[spot 5 + 3mod = 8 ---- Miss]

[Listen 10 + 4mod = 14 --- Miss]


When you look down at Ogre he takes off running in the opposite direction that you are facing. He flies down the street as fast as his little legs can do. He runs past the Thirsty Throat and makes a right onto Sluts Street.


Making a quick look around in the general direction Ogre ran off in you see about 15 – 20 people are spread out in the immediate area. It’s still raining pretty hard not looking like it is going to slow down anytime soon.





Eissmuth mouths something very fast and barely audible.


[Listen: 11 [Roll: 3, +8 mod ------ miss]]


“Well, lets see…, seeing as how I never fancied crossbows much, I could use a bow. Maybe something in a shortbow, thou I prefer a longbow but will hold off till I can afford one of better quality or of special make.”


Essimuth states, “Aye …… I never liked the crossbow either nor the bow. I myself prefer the sword. However beings that your such an excellent customer I will keep my eyes open for such a item for you Quintilas.”


Essimuth walks around the display case and is right beside you. He picks up the weapon and unsheathes it himself looking at its fine craftsmanship. He takes his thumb and runs it across the blade to see its sharpness and gets a devilish smile. He sheathes the weapons and hands it to you saying, “Keep it safe lad. Whoever be wanting you be wanting you bad my guess. As for the group of males who entered my store and gave me the item and letter I could not mark anything unusual bouts them. I could not makes out their faces well since they never pulled the hoods down on their cloaks but my guess is they humans. Heh meebe not too. Anyhow they gives me the weapon and tells me to give to you since they know you frequent the shop. That’s all the informations I can give ya Quint. Hope its helps. And I’ll be looking for a bow for that Dagans fella. Sissy weapon by my accord but heh yous the payin customer.”


Essimuth shakes your hand and walks back around the display case. He states, “Well Quint --- time to go do a lil business work in da office my friend. Please come back shortly --- and if you want still takes a look around. Marcus there would be more then willin to take yer gold ….. rrr …. Helps ya out at least.” Essimuth then moves back to his office and shuts the door leaving you and his assistant Marcus in the shop.

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Do you mean spread out like surrounding me threateningly, or spread out as in passerbys?


Spread out would mean walking in different directions etc ---- not making any hostile moves just people meandering about is all.....

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Vargos is silent, both in shock and in pain, and overall not knowing what the hell to say anyway. He remains in his bed, his only motion the occasional blinking or the movement of his eyes to face his speaker.


When everyone left the room, Vargos remains staring at the ceiling. He can't forget the vision of the light, how it burned his chest and eyes. It was so bright, that only one word came to his mind.


"Glare." he whispers to himself.


And thus he names his blade. Glare.


After laying for what felt like hours, Vargos tries to sit up. He looks down at his chest where he remembered the eye burning him in his vision, and sees if he finds a huge hole or something of the like. He also tests his vision, and, with utmost importance, he looks for his blade.

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Blasted dog!!

Dagan moves at a fast pace to get the pug. Not because it is the most intelligent thing to do, but because Ehlonna would want him to try and protect his companion. With the news he recieved from the dwarves, he still keeps an eye out, and an ear open. He pats his pants front pocket where the note is and wishes the darn dog hadn't ran away, he wants to know what the note says, but continues to "chase".

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Quintilas looks about for a few seconds then decides to let Marcus find for him what he seeks.


“Marcus, come here lad” he says as he motions with his hand to draw the young shop boys attention. Young Marcus must have recently gone thru a growth spurt for he’s fast approaching Quintilas own height of 5’ 5”. “How’s your day been son?, Ole Essimuth can be a bear at times can’t he?, Smell like one too from time to time eh.” he exclaims jokingly with a wide smile and some laughter.


“Takes a look and see if you can find me a shortbow, don’t much care if its had a previous owner or not, just so long its still in good shape, also let me know if you come across a sturdy strap that can be hooked onto a sheath to be worn across the back.” he finishes saying as Marcus moves off in search of Quintilas query.


As Quintilas replaces one of his shortswords at his hip with his new acquisition that rest in his hand he calls out to Marcus for another item


“By chance Essimuth have any of those sticks that give off light.., um, what’cha you call’em again?, er..., Oh yeah, I’ll take a Sunrod if there be any for sale, maybe one that sheds blue or green will be fine.” he states as he finishes strapping the new blade onto his waist.


So, it would seem we’ve found an appropriate dark counterpart that rivals your own golden sheen, lets hope it serves me as well as you have Tahlen’Ka he thinks as his hand rests on the pommel of the sword across from the one he just strapped on.

(Tahlen’Ka means Blade of Dragons in Elven)


Something dawns on Quintilas as he waits for Marcus to retrieve the items he’s requested, Essimuth was helpful after all, for someone to know that he frequented the shop regularly, then that would mean that someone has taken an interest in his activities and have likely inquired about him and Dagan to ascertain their abilities. From Quintilas perspective he presumed that most folks likely perceived him to be a ranger, considering the feral features he inherited from his father as most Wood Elves have and the tribal markings that adorn his visage and the topside of his hands and feet. Then there’s Dagan, for when they pair up, the two are inseparable for days on end.


I’ll see if anyone has left a message for me with Madame Garah, hmmm.., I wonder if anyone’s approached Kiber Ederick, it can never hurt ones reputation to have a paladin put in a good word on ones behave he quiets his thoughts a moment to look about and see how Marcus is fairing in his search if Dagan has been be approached as well perhaps he will have some answers on what’s this all about


“Marcus, be sure to be on time for your evening meal at Helm’s Hall and not dally about here to long after closing, I’m having a special treat delivered this evening for you all to enjoy after supper.” he says with a beaming smile and feeling quite satisfied with himself as he was able to arrange for six pies from The Baker’s Guild (C27) of various flavors baked by Dundold Buldharroaz himself to arrive at Helm’s Hall tonight, which incidentally coincides with the anniversary of his arrive in Waterdeep.

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You eventually regain all of your vision (even though it seemed like many hours it was only about 1 hour for your eyes to readjust). Looking down at your chest you realize that the pain was not a dream. As you look down you see the Eye of Helm staring out into space. It’s just like a cattle brand and is still very painful and tender. Not only do you see the burn you also see 2 streaks of dried blood running down each side of your chest. Looking around the room you notice all of your equipment is placed in a neat order close to a dresser and the blade “Glare” is at the foot of your bed.







As you run past the entrance to the Thirsty Throat and round the corner you see Ogre rip tearing after a cat. Ogre is about 300 yards away from you at this point in time. Also as you passed the entrance to the Thirsty Throat you feel a ‘de-ja-vu’ type of feeling at the same time you feel as if someone has ‘walked across your grave [getting the chills for no apparent reason --- heebe jeebees].’ You notice the dog is off and running deeper and deeper into the Dock Ward. The rain is still pouring down and looking down the street there seems to be a few more people out and about as well.


[make a spot check]

[make a listen check]

[make a handle animal check]






Marcus looks to you and replies, “Day’s been interesting sir. Appears Essimuths’ in a story telling mood again. Love the stories like everyone does. He can stretch them though sometimes but all in all great stories….. Ohhh and you have no idea of the smells sometimes ….. especially when he hits the taverns the day before…”


He starts to look over in one of the weapon stores, “So’s ya wants a shortbow eh. I myself find bows nice and sleek. Composite longbows more then shortbows … but … everyone’s got their preference…” After Marcus responds you hear a bunch of stuff being moved around and falling to the ground. You then hear something fall over on top of Marcus with his reply, “D#mnedable crate. Ain’t that a bi#$h!” You see Marcus run behind a counter and bend down low to shelf. When he pops back up he has a rag wrapped around one of his hands and is starting to get wet with a blood stain. He looks to you states, “F*@ken crate ...... [email protected]#nedable daggers anyway ---- need to find a better place to store this s#*t. Well the only bow I was able to find ..... sort of broke on me when the crate fell. Gives us a day and it’ll be ready for pickup for ya if ya stills wants it.”


From the office you hear, “MARCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’d better not be destroyin me merchandise!!!!!! Now get to cleanin up the store and helping Quint!!!!!!”


Marcus face turns bright red, “Looks to you and says, “Looks like Imma gonna have a bad day… Now fors a sunsrod….. (He yells) Hey Sir Lany…. Where’d ya put the sunrods?????”


From the office you hear, “[email protected]#nit boys, I thinks they under the far counter.... If it’s for Quint ----- it’s on the house this time..... NOW get to cleanin the shop boy we’lls be seeing big payins customers taday!!!!”


Marcus proceeds to go around to the far counter and he bends low. You hear him say, “Hmmm ya wants blue or green……..” he pops out behind the counter looks to you and replies, “Catch (as he tosses 1 light to you then another) [make a reflex check 2X]” He walks back out behind the counter and you notice the blood stain has grown twice its size. He starts to rub his arm, looks to you and says, “[email protected]#m looks like this scratch is worsen then I thought. But hopefully I can gets back to Helm’s Hall before it gets too late and I miss dinner."

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The curious chill that runs down Dagans' spine slows his fast pace stride to a slow walk. He glances around to see what has caught his attention.

What is this, something is strange. An echo of the past?


Dagan turns his attention from the pug temporarily and looks everybody he can directly in the face to try to make sense of this feeling. He closes his cloak and slides one hand in to feel the comfort his blade brings. He then thinks to himself a short prayer to Ehlonna.


Ehlonna, thank you for this day and the many blessings you have given us. I ask you to guide my blade, my eyes and my heart. Help me fall those that disgrace your name. If I should fall soon, please protect my brother quintilas and keep my companion safe. Help my sister find peace, and help Drennan find serenity. Please accept and welcome me into your realm.


He then takes a deep breath. Exhale.

His strength seemingly renewed, he is ready for what lies ahead.


"Ogre get over here!"


Handle animal roll 5 +0 mod =5

Spot roll- 16 +3 mod= 19

Listen roll- 8 +4 mod =12

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Ahhh, Helm damns it...


He mutters, trying to clutch his chest without touching the wound. After a bit, Vargos stands up and, wanting to determine the time, he looks out his room's window (if there is one) at the sky, or opens his door and ask a passing acolyte or priest for the time.


Then, he goes to his gears and begins to sort through them, putting everything he carries in his backpack. Then, he takes a moment and sits on the floor, polishing up his armor with a piece of cloth or shirt, then begins to don the padding inner-suit for his armor. He takes his time, getting everything straight, then, he finally straps on his armor, chest piece first, followed by the outher bits, taking his time to get all the straps right. He pulls out a long flowing tabbard with the gauntlet heraldry and drapes it over his armor, tightening the belt strap from which his dagger hangs. He then takes out his shield and lays his older sword on the bed and polishes his full-face helm. Finally, he reaches out for Glare, as if hesitant. He draws it with a certain fear, as if he might be blinded, but when he finally sees the blade, he marvels at it and draws it fully, again admiring its crasftmenship.


With some hesitation, he decides to tes his sword. He holds it up and mutters his prayer.


"Helm, give me light!", then readies himself to look away from the blade should he be blinded again.

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(Reflex 1: 16 (Roll: 9, +7 mod))

(Reflex 2: 15 (Roll: 8, +7 mod))


If Reflex is successful:

Quintilas steps forward and places the Sunrods on the counter.


“You should be careful when throwing things about Marcus, not all your patrons will be quick as I.” He says with a wink. “ Now get over here and lets take a look at that arm of yours, that cloths getting pretty soaked, here lean against the counter incase you get lightheaded.”


If Reflex is unsuccessful:

Quintilas has a surprised look on his face as he steps forward


“Oops, you should be more careful when throwing things about Marcus, not all your patrons are quick of wit as you learned ” He says with a wink “ Now get over here and lets take a look at that arm of yours, that cloths getting pretty soaked, here lean against the counter incase you get lightheaded.”


Quintilas will take a look to ascertain how bad the wound is. Then calls out to Lanys if it looks bad.

(Heal: 16 (18) (Roll: 16, +2 mod, -2 no heal Kit))

(Heal is 16 to look over the wound and 18 if Essimuth has a healing kit (like First Aid I guess))


“Hey Essimuth!, need you to come out here” he calls out “it aint all that bad Marcus, just best safe than sorry” he says wanting to keep the boy calm and steady.


As Essimuth comes out Quintilas says “Boys got an ugly cut here, you got a healing kiI here somewhere? I’ll run’em over next door to the Temple of Good Cheer for ya if needed?"

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You shout, "Ogre get over here!"


Little Ogre stops and looks back your way hearing his name called. He turns back but the cat is out of his sight. He then begins to run back your way. When he gets back to he is full of joy to be seeing you again.


Looking around still nothing seems to be “out of place” however you see the door of one of the slum houses close. There are people walking about the street but nothing really grabs your attention. Looking across the street you see a drunk sleeping one off in the gutter.


Its still raining quite hard and you start to feel the chill of the rain.





Holding the blade up you do not notice anything different the first few seconds. Then all of sudden the blade begins to glow white. The white light fills up your room. Not so bright that you can’t see however bright enough to make you squint. Looking around your room after the first minute goes by the blade changes to a gold color. Again looking around the room after another minute goes by the blade changes color again to a purple color. Finally looking around the room after another minute goes by the light changes back to a white color.





Quintilas steps forward and places the Sunrods on the counter.


“You should be careful when throwing things about Marcus, not all your patrons will be quick as I.” He says with a wink. “ Now get over here and lets take a look at that arm of yours, that cloth's getting pretty soaked, here lean against the counter incase you get lightheaded.”


Marcus looks over at you and chuckles to himself. He replies, “Heh …… you had better be able to catch. If you couldn’t catch these sunrods you better not consider yerself an adventurer. I bet old Essimuth would’ve been able to catch em with his eyes closed.”


As he is talking to you he walks over to the counter towards you undressing his bandage. Looking at the mark it’s definitely a nice big gash running down the length of his hand.


Quintilas shouts, “Hey Essimuth!, need you to come out here!” You look to Marcus and say, “It aint all that bad Marcus, just best safe than sorry.”


You hear Essimuth say, “D#$n!! Now what?!” You see the door open and Essimth takes a look out to see what the problem is all about. Taking a look he begins to chuckle to himself sayin, “D#$n boy, old Quint here nick ya playing with his sword I see…. (looking over to you giving a wink.)”


Quint replies, “Boys got an ugly cut here, you got a healing kit here somewhere? I’ll run’em over next door to the Temple of Good Cheer for ya if needed?”


Essimuth walks up looks at the wound and tell’s Marcus, “Go with Quint here. He’ll take ya next door to the temple. (Looking your way he adds) And be quick about it Quint… I needs Marcus today for cleanin the store. In fact if he’d of done the job yesterday when I asked him too this wouldn’t have happened. Now be gone quick I needs to make me moneys today!”

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