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The Duke (HEAVILY converted)


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I had a write-up in mind for this. But I'm way tired and just now got to work late. So I'll I'll let the pics speak for themselves and field questions should there be any later.


Regardless, this marks the start of my new army.







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ooooo! Me likey!


Freehand is tres cool and the sword conversion is very nicely done. Though I can't help that -to me- Gerard just looks "off" without The Axe. I'm really digging the lion shield. Is that from the Warlord weapons pack?

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Alrigthy, quick lunch-time write-up: Basically, Lord Baasen and I were hangin' out in a pretty sweet games store in the Detroit area, and we looked over at the wall of Warlord minis, sighed, looked at each other and went "do you miss it?" pretty much at the same time. We then raided the racks and got a few minis. And started kickin around ideas of what we were going to do with our new armies. That was a few months ago. Unfortunately, I haven't had alot of time to devote to painting of late, and with my work being as mediocre as it's been, I was really in a slump. So this guy was kind of me busting outta said slump.


So, I've done what? A billion different versions of this guy? Yeah, something like that. So this time around, I really wanted to both challenge myself (the better to bust outta a rut with) and make the good duke uniquely my own. With the stipulation that a) My crusaders would NOT be blue this time b) it doesn't suck and c) any metal bits I add not having to do with the base would be strictly Bobby-sculpted.


I acomplished a & c, and except the sword hand (which will be replaced sometime soon, I think. It looks very out of place), b looks pretty good too.


Anyway, Yeah, the cape is simply some ProCreate putty sculpted and sanded to look vaguely cloak-like over three pinning wires protruding from his back. I just didn't want to deal with the winged back-standard this time around. It never stays on. And looks kind of comical (IMO), especially from the rear.


Qwyk is absolutely right in that the shiled comes from a Lion's Lancer. One of the other things that bugged me about the Gerard Sculpt is that the way that the shield is positioned, it blocks ALOT of very cool detail. The arm/hand positioning also always struck me as unnatural. So, After some filing and pinning, I managed to get Gerry into full on "COme Get SOME!!!" pose.


Although I like Gerry as an Axe-man, I felt like I wanted my Warlord to be a sword guy. To facilitate this, I snagged an Unforgiven's sword from the Crusaders Weapon Pack, mixed up some greenstuff, and pushed the putty until it looked a lil more "Duke-ish" by adding the fleur and gemstone to the crossguard and a few lil details to the hilt and pommel. It's ridiculously huge, but I kinda like that.


The base is one of the drop-in scenic bases. The rubble is a part of a green-stuff casting of said scenic base. I like the "ruined temple" effect I got with it.


Anyway, that's it in a nutshell. Fire away, folks.

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Ah, Good.

I see I'm back to hating you with the white-hot intensity of a thousand dieing stars.


I'm going back and cry over my Judas.


And all is right with the world... :blush:


Seriously though, your Judas is freakin' AWESOME, man. It's really inspired me.



Fantastic! :blink:


Thanks Chris!

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HOLY ...er...... yeah.. he's holy alright!


I've been watching your progress on him on your LJ for a while but still he is way past what I was expecting. That freehand is fantastic and yes, the cape is far cooler than that silly wingy thingy he normally has.


As for the game, it'll be good to have you back in the rankings again soon (as I'm sure you will be).

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Excellent job with the conversion as well as the painting. I've broken out my crusaders lately too, and I'm looking at them and wondering how they would look in different color schemes. And I totally understand about the fiddly back piece, mine is pinned, but it's still loose. Of course I don't exactly have the time to devote to it right now, so it's just staying as a project in the back of my head. But this is certainly good inspiration for that back burner project. It reminded me of how much I like these models...

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