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Force Cage - construction walkthrough

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I had four Chessex dice cubes sitting around empty, and then by brain, as it does, took 1+1+1+1 and came up with Q.


Here are the raw materials - styrene and four chessex dice cubes. A volunteer is placed in one of them.



The bases were a little too tall for my tastes, so I clipped off the extraneous bits. The side I left is the fitted base where the cube slides in.



The cool thing about these is that I can remove the clear part if the cage is powered down during a game.



I cut the base of styrene, and glued the cube-lids down. Note - I'm making two of these units, even though a lot of these pictures only show one.



Herr Doktor Scheisskopf takes a moment to imagine his plans coming to fruition. Mirari is not impressed.



Control consoles were constructed out of styrene. Here you can see one completed, and half of one in progress.



I drilled holes in the consoles and stuck clipped pins in the holes to use as levers. Later on, I'll paint the slots they slide in. The more controls you can stick on a device like this, by the way, the better. One of these sliders controls the coffee maker across the lab, but I'm not tellin' which.



And they are painted and (unless y'all have more suggestions) finished.





This took about three hours of work, total.

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