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The 3D prints have arrived.

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I've been working with Sim Furniss in the UK on designing a line of alien figures. The problems we've been having is getting these guys printed ( solved! ) and then produced ( almost solved! ).


The material is a transparent orange acrylic-like substance. The aliens printed out darn nice, though some of the features are a lil thin, like the hands, the feet, and the rifle bits. This is not a fault of the printing, but our modeling. :) I will bulk them up with a lil putty.


Another problem is finding a method to make masters from these guys. You can use RTV's and resin, but it's tedious, and far more expensive than getting a master mold pressed!


That is, until I stumbled across a vulcanizable rubber from Castaldo that cures at low temps and pressures. Problem is, it's used for jewelry molds! Then someone mentioned Niceme Green, which also vulcanizes at nearly the same pressure and temp! Both can take pewter casting as well. So I've got to talk to the caster, and see if he can use these materials. We also have some 'junk' prints made on a lower res, with nearly the same material properties as our highres prints. So the caster should be able to practice on these.


"Great so where are the pics?"


They are difficult to photograph! They're transparent orange, so you gotta play with the lighting to get something halfway decent. And before you start kvetching about the layers, blame the harsh lighting! These layers are about 0.5 thousandths of a inch thick, and the photo flash really exagerrates them. You can barely feel them if you run a fingernail over them. The perfactory printer even managed to capture the tiny nostrils located on the alien's forhead! Hopefully, primer should cover up the slight texture just fine. If it doesn't, a really gentle polish of the pewter masters should.


I can't tell you how cool these guys look in person. Even I had my doubts as to the surface finish. But I am really really happy with them!



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