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DuraCoat questions

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Well I primed a few minis with Duracoat Sandable - White and had some strange results. Basically the minis appear to be lightly dusted with primer and I can see the metal underneath still (tho its not shiny, its fairly dull). Is this appropriate coverage for this brand or should I buy another can (or brand like Floquil?) and re-coat? Or will this not work appropriately?


Thanks. I can provide pictures perhaps later if necessary.

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Dreaded primer fuzz...


Not familiar with that brand - but fuzz can be caused by different things - Not shaking the primer enough, buying old primer, buying primer that was frozen at one point in time etc etc...


Different brands have different reputations and sometimes it is just a matter of a bad batch.


You'd be best off to dip and strip what you have now (depending on how bad it is) or at least sand away as much of the 'stuble' as possible. try shaking the snot outta the can you have and spray on an old plastic container, pop can to see if the primer is working any better. If it's still fuzzy - buy a new can... Try buying it from a high volume store, and never grab a can from the facing (odds are someone has 'test fired it and not cleaned the nozzle proper).


DON'T try and spray over the fuzz... It will just make your like miserable. Dip Strip, Clean and dry - try again.


Hope this helps!

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Quite a few possible problems there. One is that you are spraying from too far away. Or, you are spraying too quickly. Or, the humidity is too high. Or, the temperature is too cold. Or, the can wasn't shaken enough.


Are you using Duplicolor? If so, I've never had any problems with priming with Duplicolor. If you are using Duplicolor, I would try again, making sure that:

  • you shake the can for 2 minutes
  • the humidity is < 65%
  • the temperature is >= 60 deg
  • you are spraying from about 8-10 inches away

If you've already done the above, I would try the side to side sweep a little slower than before. I use a slower sweep than with Krylon because I've found that Duplicolor has a finer and slower spray than the Krylon.


If you've effectively just put a very light coat on the mini, you might as well try a second coat: you can always strip the mini if you don't get the results that you like. I've done that a few times with no ill effects. Just go easy on the second coat and avoid over compensating.


I've found that each brand of primer requires a slightly different touch when spraying.



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the humidity is < 65%

the temperature is >= 60 deg



Man, I wish I lived somewhere where both of those things happened at the same time. Here in North Carolina by the time it warms up to 60 degrees you can feel the air cling to your skin while you sit there.



I have gotten the fuzz before when I sprayed in the cold. Another thing I have had heppen was for the primer to become thin and watery so that it collected in the crevaces of a mini. I think that one happened when the can froze and caused the paint to seperate and some of it dry in the bottom of the can.

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