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Greek minis?

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Try Crocodile Games for Fantasy Egyptian minis, I believe they are coming out with some Greek/ Roman types, but don't know if they are available yet. These are definatly Fantasy type minis, if you are wanting something more realistic try the historical lines. I am not familiar with the historical lines so someone else will have to point you to the best companies for those.

Ral Partha used to do some historicals, but I don't know if Iron Wind Metals is producing them or not.


Hope that was of some use to you. ::):

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There are a boatload of greeks and romans available. What scale are you looking in? 6mm, 10mm, 15mm 28mm, 54mm ?


Foundry does soem expensive, but nice 28s

Renegade has Romans, and I think greeks

Black Tree Deisgns

Old GLory


Actually - loads of little companies too.


Xyston makes some brilliant greeks in 15mm

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There are a boatload of greeks and romans available. What scale are you looking in? 6mm, 10mm, 15mm 28mm, 54mm ?

Feanor, listen to The Man here. SaintRigger knows the historical mini market.



Honestly, though scale is a pertinent issue when looking for any historics, lets chop up your potential profile:

A: you are presently a player of WHFB/WH40K/WARlord/DnD/etcetera...

B: you are inspired by 300

C: you are not a historical Gamer presently


i recommend 28mm scale mini's, just off of familiarity and size adaptation.

Go Wargames Foundry if you need a vast amount of regimented martial poses, and have no fear of seeing a penis cast in pewter.

Old Glory doesn't offer a variety of what kind of greeks you get, but it does have made in america 28mm Hoplites.

Crocodille games is good if you wanna get your GW-esque 'greek' on...

Xyston actually makes some neat 28mm heroes...but they are "standing dude" in pose.

Vendel mini's look good, but i think they are UK only....

AVOID DIXON!!! (unless you are headed to big-head-cartoon greece)


that's my two cents, however unexperienced by compare.


SaintRigger, what better choice might you add in 28mm??

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Inspired by 300, I'd go with the Crocodile "Wargods of Olympus"

Those are some great Spartans

Oh, AND they are going to be readily available SOON:

Gametrade/Previews has them in the runnings for a summer release to the public.

(in Idaho, that means middle of July sometime at the earliest...)


should i......?


(PS: Edit: incase you need to know....those Croc' Spartans were special availability for the longest time, being up for convention goers and E-bay fanatics only...)

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