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Greek minis?

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This should get you started on who John Carter is as well -




Frazetta did covers for some of the Burroughs covers in the mid 60's or so.


Here are some examples:




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ehh!!...i recognize the art...okay, head has been cleared...


Good ol' fashioned pulp fantasy...(begin basil podouruous 'conan' theme intro here)

Robert Howard's Hawkmoon fits the bill as well....


You guys must have mentioned the imperial hero 1 on the miniature page...



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I'm glad they're not half naked avatars from 300. I prefer my greeks in armor....


And yes, the fact they are NOT in Pylos helmets is nice (not all illustrated are Corinthians, BTW... ::): )


But....yawn. Wake me up when they come out with Athenians. The real movers and shakers of the pre-Hellenistic Greek world...




PS: I think Artizan does the best Carolingians out right now. The helmets are a bit more toned down. I'm still trying to decide however, how likely those helmet styles would be. There was a great deal of continuity between Late Roman arms industries, and early medieval kit. The "Carolingian" style helmets don't seem to appear either before or after this period (and FWIW, MS illustrators were often NOT military men!), making me doubtful. However, the common wisdom I've come across is that the helmet style is a continuation of the Roman Ridged style helmet (echoes of which could be found at Hastings and Antioch later that century...).

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Something you may want to take a look at if you liked the movie 300.

Rebel Minis has a King Leonidas that I've picked up. I've not had a chance to start work on it, however, it looks good.


I'm hoping to start on this in the next couple of weeks

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