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Clock Tower Idea

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I was thinking about building a clock tower in a diorama. I have had good luck with Klockit in the past and noticed they have little tiny 15/16" working movements:




I think the insert can be taken apart and the dial weathered and/or replaced.

Has anyone built clock towers in the past? How did it work out?

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If you just want a clock face that is about the right scale, I found several of various style. They are some kind of thin paper like plastic or such. I found them in some scrap book supplys at the hobby lobby one time and got some to use on a building I made. you can put your own hands on them and it looks okay.. Not a working clock or such though but they look nice.

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I do this one using the clock face kits from Hobby Lobby style stores and Hirst Arts blocks. The base is about 4 by 4 inches so that gives you an idea of size. The battery pack is mounted on the back of the wall in the top section. The clock face is mounted on a circular piece of styrene to give it the white background.


The only problem you will run into, I believe, is finding a smaller clock face to match the pictures you have shown.

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