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Its Green Friday!

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Back to your regularly scheduled gushing......


I LOVE ME SOME SOPHIE!!!!! Holy Cats. Now, usually sci-fi and I aren't really on speaking terms, but I'm in love :wub: :wub: :wub:


So, it's a good thing they'll be making her to order Moosey-cause I'm not letting you buy ALL Of them. And I like the sun priest a lot-and the goblin pirate and ninja. They'll all be making appearances in my house.

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Oh cripes. I'm going to have to save a ton of money for ReaperCon this year, as I'll be buying metal by the truckload.


So much... so much....


And now I have room to paint and such (I just need to, yanno, unpack and put it all where it needs to go), egads.


I'm relying on ReaperCon to energize me into painting again.


Either that, or Anne's gonna BONK! me for not painting.

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I like Sophie but I can't make out what she is holding.


If it's like the picture on the new CW, it's a P90. It's the assult rifle used in Stargate SG-1.


Well-spotted there, Sergei! ::D: Of course, the FS2000 is a WAY sexier gun, but I digress. (And if anyone's wondering what to get me for my birthday... :rolleyes: )


The Sophie photo on the Greens page isn't my favorite angle. I'll ask and see if I can tease you guys with some of the other photos we got from Werner. Just for the record -- until Bryan mentioned it, I would have sworn that this was a 54mm from the photos.


I'm still laughing over the ninja and pirate Goblins, by the way.

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What a great bunch! The brass bull/gorgon is too cool. I want to mount someone on it!

I want to get a bunch of those goblin ninjas and use them in WFB as fanatics. More poses would be handy though. Please?

Looks like that half orc has dreadlocks - I'm stoked! :lol: I don't know whether it was my suggestion that made any difference or not, but I'm going to claim it was anyway.

I can't really work out what's going on with Sophie. Might have to wait for the reapervision before I pass judgement.

Oh, and the pirate and priest are sweet too! Most exited about pirate-goblin though. ::D:

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I absolutely LOVE the new greenskins! That ninja and the pirate w/ monkey will both be proxying in my WL Goblin army.. It seems somebody out there is reading alot of my crazy ideas in the "minis we'd like to see" threads. Thanks!


I ADORE the lady half-orc! She is sooo cool. I like John's beefy sculpts. She looks dangerous.. like a lady half-orc oughtta.


Welcome to the forum, Sangreal. You ought to see the male half-orc that debuted in last Friday's batch of greens sculpted by John Manor. I hope we'll be seeing alot more sculpts from him soon.

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