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Sample MSP Container

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I have a question for the powers that be. I received my order on friday and I got a nifty suprise inside, a MSP bottle that looks dark red (this is not a sample strip of paints, it's 1 normal size MSP bottle).


It's great and I love it, but the label says "SAMPLE" without any indication as to what color it is; Can anyone shed some light as to which color this is? I don't have that color in my current lineup of 90+ pots of paint and it'd be nice to know exactly what color it is.


Thanks in advance

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It probably isn't.


In the past (and probably in the future as well) when the paint was not quite the right shade, but still usable paint, it would be bottled up and given out as "Sample" instead of sold as almost the right color.


The samples were frequently packed in Reaper mail orders.


Anne can probably give you an idea of what it was supposed to be.

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From the sound of it you got the failed MSP Red Liner (mixed in the wrong base). ::): So it will be a very dark red.


The faithful board peeps are correct, Samples are what happen when a formula is just off enough or a mistake is made that's just bad enough that getting a perfect color match is impossible. Obviously it's still perfectly usable paint and we'd rather not throw it out, so it becomes a Sample to introduce more people to MSP's or Pro Paints!


--Anne ::):

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