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Shark Tank

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As seen in the WIP thread here, the shark tank is completed.


Because you never know when, having explained your diabolical plan to get unlimited figgy-puddings for life at the expense of The Man (Mad, they called you, but they may have been right in this case) to the hero, you find yourself at a loss once the hero escapes and you recapture him, you find that he's already disabled all your other hero-bisection devices.


Vampires may rise from the grave, but we have yet to find a hero capable of arising from the Shark.


The tank was made from three layers of 1.5mm styrene. The shark was sculpted in with putty, and then the underwater portion painted onto the floor of the tank. The water is actually PVA glue, which dries quite nicely like water, and then painted to look like water.


The minis are on US pennies, to give you some idea of how big the tank is.


Note the bloodstains. This is from when Igor (and Igor and Igor and Igor and Igor) attempt to clean the bits of bone and gore from the tank at the end of the night's work.


Here, we see Torgo the Grey attempting to usher Mirari into a new career as Lunch, while Herr Doktor Scheisskopf looks on and giggles madly.



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This is frickin' cool. I think the only thing that might have made it a touch cooler would have been another shark silhoutte, smaller and darker, as if it were swimming deeper in the tank. It would have added to the illusion of depth, but that might have been more work than it would have been worth. Even so, this is still awesome.



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