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Dragon Representation: Appearances & Interpretation

Sparrow's Tail

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Hello there,


I know there are lots of Dragon enthusiasts out there. I am one of the them. ::): I have a question that has been on my mind for a while now. I have always enjoyed dragon art, miniatures, lore and different artistic interpretations of chromatics or metalics. However I have noticed that every sculpter seems to have their own entirely unique personal interpretation. Or comes up with different themes for dragons. Heads, horns, spines, wings, scales, bumps, tails and size can differ dramatically. Having played some D&D as a youth I have also discovered that the monster manual is specific on certain defining characteristics for various dragons.

I recently was given a copy of "A Practical Guide to Dragons" Mirrorstone, Wizards of the Coast Inc. While the info is basic and general, the physiological art work is spectacular and dragon lore informative, a must for any fantasy buff, But what I like best is how each species has their own key identification features. For example, most of the metalics have fin/wave like wings that differ completely from the chromatic style wing. Black dragons are the only dragon whose horns point forward instead of back, Blues have the nose horn etc. I have seen this on a couple of miniatures like Ebonwrath and StormWing Great Wyrms collection from Reaper. However most seem to fall a little short with my expectations.

Are the the gifted artists, and sculpters given open reins on interpretation? Are the artists, perhaps not completely versed in dragon physiology (if such a thing exists) and just come up with a cool looking dragon on their own? I would love to see some really good metalic dragons with all the correct features. There are a couple of head sketches in the Practical Guide mentioned above of Great Gold and Silver Wyrms that are awesome and would make outstandingly wicked miniatures.


Some of my favorite dragons, that have their own specs. :rock:


Gauth (Reaper), Gold Dragon of Chaos (Darksword), Dragon of Crimson Dawn (Darksword) Easley dragon #1(Darksword), Amber Dragon (Reaper)



Sparrow :lol:

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