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Negative messages?


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Okay this is just plain weeeeeeerd! When I cleared out my inbox a few weeks ago, I still had some dozen or so messages left in it I wanted to keep. BUT for some strange reason the forum started displaying that I had -4 new messages.


So I figured I'd fix the problem by PMing myself a bit and get myself back in the black.


It worked... until today. I deleted another load..and now I have -11 new messages.


Is this just another forum-poot that happens to everybody from time to time..or is this more like a forum-hoodat that only haunts Cute Orc Goddesses?

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I find it only happens when I delete unread messages.


I've had it go up and down as messages come and go. Didn't seem to affect anything negatively.


Not sure if it mattered, but I've gone in and used the delete all cookies from this board button on the main forum page(at bottom) and then mark all posts read and it hasn't occurred again (yet anyway).

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