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Ok Ok, the shield could use more depth . . . got it!



So...like..her shield could... :lol:


I like her my only suggestion would make the green parts of her skin either more scaly or larger. The reason why I say this is it looks more like a mistake then transformation. Other then that well done. I too like her cloak.


Just my 2 bits


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Have you considered touching up the scales...


Maybe green stuffing them... or lining them...


VV ducks as Meg will be coming after him with a grenade soon...


We tease because we love... This is an excellent mini. You know it - we know it... Its all good.


Now - that being said... Have you considered touching up the mace? ::P: X100


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VV, you better watch! I might just come over there and grab that tongue that you are sticking out at me.


The problem with doing the scales is that there isn't a whole lot of space to make it look convincing. I thought of painting them on there but I thought it would look out of place. As it is right now, the character is taking on a green sheen to areas like her elbows, knees, chin, nose, etc. You can see the faint markings of scales forming but it's just a light green sheen on her skin in several places. I can't sculpt to save my life right now and I didn't want to fudge up the sculpt either.


Vivian, the owner of this mini/character, was very pleased with her last night as we were playing. She kept picking up her mini and looking at it. Brenda, the other female in my group, picked out Loryn Stormblade for her character. I will be painting that one up soon. It's going to be a dark mini. She's a Blue Elf with dark blue skin and black hair . . . should be cool lookin'.

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