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I use more regularly the Blick Masterstroke Pure Red Sable Round size 0 from Dick Blick than any of the other options on my desk.

I have a six-pack of those in my Speed Paint Kit box and a good dozen floating about the paint desks at the house.


Hey, at that price I could afford a few for painting classes... thanks for the tip, Cheryl. I note these are long handled brushes. Do you cut down the handles for mini painting?

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Is the size of the point on the regular WN7 0 the same as the WN7 miniature 0?


Nope. I have both the standard and the miniatures 0 and they are not the same size. the Miniatures line is slightly smaller allowing more precision when painting tiny details. I can do a lot of small stuff with it, including lining laces on a 28mm figure. I highly recommend getting the W&N Series 7 miniatures line.


Actually the only difference between the "regular" and "miniatures" line of W&N series 7's is the amount of brush that is exposed.

They have the same length hair and the same tips, only the hairs on the "miniature" line are more recessed into the ferule giving it a smaller, fatter appearance.

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W&N Series 7 (regular, not miniature...I hate the shape on the miniature ones, they are a bit more wedge-shaped and I prefer long, thin brushes because I'm a layering/feathering fiend!). Size 00.


Reaper Master Series Kolinsky Sable. Size 0/5 is pretty much the same as the W&N 00. These are my workhorse brushes for basecoating, lining, and some highlights.


DaVinci Maestro. Sizes 1 and 0. The 0 is pretty much the same size as the two above brushes/sizes. I LOVE THESE. If you are doing a lot of feathering-style layering, they rock, and for fine detail and lining the size 1 is great, I can do eyes with it and yet it's long enough to hold a fair load of pigment. ::):





Are you using the series 10 or series 35 Da Vinci's? I'm guessing these are like the WN series 7 standard and mini (the series 10 are shorter than the 35).


I was amazed when I tried my first WNs7's...after suffering through many synthetic brushes. Is there a very big difference between the WNs and the DaVincis?




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