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Warlord Stat Sheet

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Some of you use my Warlord stat sheet. I've re-formatted it for the new style of stat block. Instructions are on the second tab.


Warlord Stat Sheet Download


I make a tab for every faction and fill out a stat block for every model. Then I just cut and paste the blocks I want into the Army Sheet. Once on the army sheet, I customize with spells and upgrades.


With the new stats, I think I'm going to do a block for every model in a troop (I used to just do one for grunts of course) so I can keep track of individual damage without using dice on the board. I dislike that. I'll maybe do one sheet per troop or something.


Updated 4/16/07

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Well, don't use this one yet. I just found a buncha errors. I'll upload it again tomorrow.


I'm not filling it out until we get the final version of the cards, but ok!


I found the old version of this sheet to be the most useful tool around!


Thanks Hex.



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Alright, it should be working correctly now. Just re-download from the link in the first post.


*Bonus Features*

I've got a sample Army Sheet filled out. 2000 pt Reptus. There's also a full sheet of all Reptus Cards.


You'll see the way I work it is to copy a block from that full sheet of cards to the Army Sheet and then add all my upgrades on the Army Sheet.

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