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red skeleton

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I am working on learning how to paint red. I started with a skeleton figuring that it would be easy.......

I used the red triad and highlighted with marigold orange. I think that it gives my skeleton a 'lava' look. While not what I intended, it is kind of neat.


So what should I be highlighting my reds with. If I add white, I get a pink. Orange goes to 'flame' .



any advice?

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Red can be very tricky to paint, and just as tricky to photograph well. White definitely gives you a pinkish tinge--probably not so intimidating for the undead. I like using RMS clear orange, thinned down to bring it up. If you are looking for a darker red, you may want to go no farther than a bright red (RMS clear red is good for this) but deepen your shading with a dark purple or purple/black mix. Do a search for Jester's Bourbon Street Sophie either here or at his website for how it looks.

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I think Jester also includes a recipe with his Bourbon St. Sophie--and he definitely has one on his site...I think the one on his site has something like four hundred thirty-two steps to it. Of course, for Jester, that's apparently about six seconds of painting. His reds are stunning, though.


Red will often highlight up well with orange or yellow instead of white, then go back over that with a clear red glaze to reduce the "flamey" look. Again, I second Jabberwocky's notion of checking out Jester's reds.

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