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warlord Army List Program


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well, you can do the same with the reapergames version as well. All you have to do is do a search, and then check the boxes of the models you want to print out their cards.


Not trying to steal your thunder or keep you from doing it, just saying that Gus has already done a ton o work into doing what you are talking about already.

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Gus's datacards are great. I'm building an army list builder... like ArmyBuilder so you pick guys and it organizes them into troops and displays troop totals like # men, # points, Checks command min and max's and will hopefully print out a list.


I just added a data card cause when you are adding a guy to your troop you want to see their stats sometimes. I'd get this done in a week if work didn't keep interrupting :)...


Matt its VB6, I just can't get used to dot net. Its better, but I don't use dot net and I've done a ton of things in 6.0 so if I'm going for ease I just use 6.


Hopefully I will get the form for the troop list built up. I'm not sure how I'm going to add an unknown number of troop sections to one form. Maybe some tab like switching, but I'd still have to print them all out somehow...

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Just to let you know, an official utility is actually in the works already. It's a whole new army utility, so it's nothing that is out at the moment or anything that Gus has made previously. I only have partial hands in it, so I don't feel like I can say everything. :blush:


Once again, this is not meant to stop you from making anything you want to do. This is just a heads up.

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Well I have to send a HUGE thanks out to Chesme. She was really the one who got this whole project kickstarted. As the other member of the development team, I'll happily announce that yes, there is indeed a project in the works to bring an Army Designer Utility to see the light of day.


For anyone who wants to see the AMAZING work that Chesme has done so far, you can check out what roughly the interface will look like here: http://www.projectjester.com/Util/


Development is underway thanks to a generous hand from our buddies over at Reaper. If ya'll wanted me to make a guesstimate at when I'll be done writing version one of the utility I would say conservitively in about 8 to 12 weeks.


Now, I'll toss it out there as an offer since other people seem to be very interested in this project. If anyone wants to jump on board and is intimately familiar with either CSS and HTML, or PHP, please contact me. I wouldn't mind having a spare hand or two helping me out.

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