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Dungeon & Dragon Magazines gone by August


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I suggest that before you continue to comment on the product you actually figure out what it is. http://paizo.com/paizo


And for god's sake, don't try and sell me on Hackmaster. It's dreadful. I already have all the 1e and 2e material (none of which I will ever play again), so why do I need a cheesy knock off?




I just reread the Pathfinder description. It still sounds like a cross between a module subscription and Dungeon with only 1 adventure per issue plus some articles.


My point was that most people who wouldn't dream of buying a product they don't like in a retail environment will not bother to cancel the subscription once they've already signed up-especially since they'd be cancelling for issues they haven't seen yet. I just don't think a module series should be sold as a subscription-unless you're trying to hook people.


If you don't like Hackmaster, fine. I don't like the video game on paper that is 3.x, and I'm certainly not impressed with a product that drops "advanced" from its name so it won't scare off the kiddies. To each his own.


The biggest problem I see is with Dungeon and Dragon gone, there is no chance for them to improve unless somehow resurrected, and no matter how bad they were or how little I cared for the one and only game system they effectively supported towards the end, they were still icons of a gaming era I miss.


Hence my like of retro-styled games.

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Frankly I couldn't care less about Dragon as I've never been a big fan of the content.


Now losing Dungeon does sadden me as they imho have put together some nice APs and modules in the time it has been in production. That said, there is still a tone of stuff I have not read let alone used in my collection.


I'm really looking forward to Pathfinder and hope to convince one set of my current players to let me run it once we've completed the Red Hand of Doom.

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