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My new paintjobs 12 pieces 1 adult piece


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These are the minis I managed to paint of late, Alaine was a commission piece and the rest are ebay pieces. As always comments and questions are always fun. ::):





Vlad the Deceiver


Lorielle Hero


Elven Vale Archer


Jade Dancer






Jihad Fiendish Celestial


Hiwalani Hula Dancer


Kneeling Knight


Sebastien Grey Knight

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Awesome work as usaul. The one thing I must say is that you just flat out suck. ::P:

But serioulsy, your ability astounds the mind. Also, have the sculptors ever seen actual breast and if so of what? The nipples on the one adult piece, well to say the least, are a bit large.


Great work as usual.

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WOW! ::o:


I have to agree with Mattmcl...


Compared to your stuff...my stuff just sucks! ::P:


I'm jealous at your skills but I will focus my life to striving for that level.


The photography on your miniatures is very well done and makes the presentation half the joy.


I really like the female paladin and the base ROCKS! (no pun intended...okay...it was....) ::D:


So do you enter contests and just take home all the trophies with this level of minis?

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Wow - like everyone else, I really really like the skin tones and faces.


The "Fiendish Celestial" strikes me as especially good, as I think the pale skin like that can be tough to pull off.


Any insight in how you approach skin tones and faces/eyes would be welcome. :)



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More drool worthy pieces.


At least this time I only have to wait patiently to get together enough funds for another commissioned piece. ::P:


The Alaine arrived today and looks as great in person as she does in her pics. Thank you again. ::D:

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