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So that's what you look like!?!?!


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aint kids grand
Yeah, I hear that's how much they cost too :o)


I did notice that there are no pics of any of the Reaper people yet


Alas, I forgot to take pictures of the ReaperPeeps at Origins. Although that's probably because I was to busy drooling over the Starhawk IV and Revenant :o)

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Since it's been a while (Wow, has it!) and since I've thought about this thread recently with comments about what people look like, I figured I would bump it...


And not to be complete SPAM, here's my on topic pic:




It's from when Royston Langdon from SpaceHog (well, formerly of) visited the WBER studios. He's in the middle, I'm on the left (DJ Aubrey on the right). He left his scarf in the studio and I ended up taking it to the show he was doing that night (WooHoo).


Somewhat bitter that I didn't get a pic with Dicky Betts (Mighty Mighty Bosstones) when he came to the studio, but I don't like to be pushy. The Bosstones pretty much only get played on our station locally, so I'll probably have an opportunity the next time they come through town (the station once played a wiffleball game against them, I was working at the time though).

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This may be a silly question, but where are the pictures in the profile.


I keep clicking on profiles of people who say they have pics there and not finding any. What am I doing wrong? ::(:


When I get home tonight, I will try to post one myself.

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My pic is in my profile.


A pic of a very small part of me is my Avatar.


Oh, and Cade, the pictures in the profiles were lost when the boards were upgraded. Only those of people who have updated their pictures since then can be seen now.

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