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So that's what you look like!?!?!


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the pictures in the profiles were lost when the boards were upgraded. Only those of people who have updated their pictures since then can be seen now.


Wow, I'm an idiot. I knew that, that's how I lost my original profile pic. For some reason I thought this thead started after the board change, but I never bothered to look at the date of the first post. :blush:


I guess I assumed that since I'd not seen this thread before a few days ago, it must be new. Apparently, I'm not as observant as I thought. :rolleyes:

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Top Posters In This Topic

Ok, well this is a little unusual. I know most of you guys as avatars so I was

wondering how you look like in real life. (Not being able to attend reaperCon)

Some of you have pic on your profile, some don't... I thought it might be

fun to post them here.


Please post your pics up otherwise I'll feel stupid!




PS: This is one pic I do NOT want anyone to give feedbacks/critics/opinions or

whatever, I dont want to be the next spider centaur. But if you do feel

the urge, just go ahead ::D:


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I always found it odd to look at people's real photographs after I had gotten used to seeing them as their avitar, or used to the picture I developed in my mind about what they look like. It is very rare the that two are ever alike. For example, Neyuttad really doesn't resemble his little monkey avitar :poke:


Here is a picture of me. I know its small and hard to see, but its the only one i have available at the moment, and as it is late, and i'm not feeling pretty enough to take another picture (it being midnight and all), this one will have to do...I'll replace it with something different later ::D: I think i look a bit like my avitar ^_^ in a way...... :blink:


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Hey Jest!!! add a little weight & less hair & you look exactly like a friend of mine from High School!!!!


I'll try & get a pic of me tomorrow (need to get a haircut badly!!)



Randy M

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