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So that's what you look like!?!?!


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What a cool social bonding idea! Well, apparently my wife takes all the photos and she also takes A LOT of our pets (I swear she's St. Francis of Assisi reincarnated) because she's not in any of the photos we have on of our computer storage devices. So, for now here's a photo of my kid and I.


Tito (me) and Anthony


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Think of the Patterson Bigfoot footage.....

Shave all the hair off the Sasquatch. Give him a receding hairline, add a few pounds to him, cut his legs off at the knees. Give him a gap in his teeth and a mediocre personality. Now, put a pair of magnifying optivisors on his head and give him a paint brush.


Do you have that picture imagined?



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okay....here's me...

Is that Egypt? Las Vegas? Xanadu?







Actually, this picture was taken on the Oregon Coast in one of my few excursions onto sand during the last decade (sand doesn't support crutch tips very well!!) We have a huge number of seamounts - just like northern california and british columbia (but strangely, Washington state doesn't have many). The one behind me is called "Haystack Rock" and has a rather square base, with the top like a pyramid set on the cube below. Rather big with the base accessible during low tide. Many adventurous folx like to climb up the most gently sloped side - which happens to also be the landward side - during low tide and then not come down for 12 hours. A lot of people that try to ride out high tide on the huge rock have bad things happen to them 'cuz there isn't a very flat and/or secure place to sit/rest until you're way up on the thing and even then it's a ROCK, not very comfortable. A lot of people climb up, get uncomfortable, try to shift positions, an fall off a good 50' drop into the Pacific. The lucky ones fall into the seaward side where the water is deeper and there are fewer small rocks around the base of the haystack.


So anyway, for reasons of beauty and impressiveness and many other good reasons, it's famous. But it also has its infamy..... which makes it not a bad backdrop for an RPG adventure. Maybe super-heroes rescuing over-bold middle schoolers or fantasy types getting charmed to climb up the rock by people who don't wish them very well...just to watch the sunset, of course! :devil:

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Mine is also on my profile. Not because I'm being defiant ...

I was born with a computer birth defect and haven't overcome it, yet. 

2.5 years ago, but I look the same ...

(minus the horse, Garth Brooks headset and tabbard)

Great picture. Your not shabby looking! ::D: I would have loved to see more of the horse! An Andalusian correct?


If I can find a picture, I will try to get one up. Or go steal one off my own webpage! Especially since everyone seems to be using pics. of them in 'period' costumes!

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