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So that's what you look like!?!?!


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Well this thread is quite a disappointment - I expect to see a bunch of hideous geeks and instead get a bunch of normal looking, and some good looking people even! You are ruining the stereotype of gamers/miniature hobbysits people! ::D:

I will have to add a picture of my ugly self to balance this out when I get home tonight ::P:

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... and that's me sitting at the paint & take table. No, not the guys on the left... behind the dragon t-shirt.


Hey, Earthwalker, move over! We can't see me!! *grin*


Jess, present, but not actually visible.

(oddly enough, I was at ReaperCon, but so far no one got a pic of me. *pout*)

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Woohoo horses! I don't have a picture of me normal-like on my parent's computer, and I'm too lazy to scan anything in right now...or move my harddrive over from my other computer, so here's a picture of me this past March on a horse named Zeta. This picture was taken by the wonderful Matt Coppel, which is why there's a watermark over it. Don't worry, I've paid for the picture, I'm just too lazy to scan it. =o)


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ACK! *hides*

*grin* Sorry... there was such a barrage of pix posted while I was off posting somewhere else.


I'm browsing through my hard drive and can't decide between my wedding pic (5 yrs ago next week), a pic of me in Ren garb I made myself (4 1/2 years ago), or a pic of me looking horribly tired, kinda frumpy, and a lot like my aunt, next to my quilt show lap quilt (3 years ago). Ohhh, wait... here's one from this year. I'm being a secretary. :)





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Very well, this is one of me (about 20 pounds heavier than now, need new pics, I think.)


Behold the awesome glory of...




--Yes, I'm smirking at you, not with you. :)



Eh I've always thought you were cute, thanks for proving it! ::D:



Nice to see what everyone looks like!

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