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So that's what you look like!?!?!


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Yes Ana, yes you are.


I mean! Yes! The kitty is cute! Adorable, even!


*hides from incoming objects thrown at him*


--LSH, he can get away with a lot, you know.

Don't worry 'hammer I agree with you they both are cute.


If I can find one of me I'll post it, I found one of me and two of my best works (I'm going to hate being a dad to these two when they turn into teenagers)


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Y'know, in a prior post, I pointed you towards my profile, which contained a picture of a frog altar. That's not actually me. My eyes glow less than that.



This is Noopta, my fileserver, and Colin, who knows a good warm spot when he sees one. Oh, and some guy, I have no idea. Really, I have a beard now.

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& no I didn't get my haircut today, woke up to late to do anything (day/nihgt after vacation) :angry:



You know seein everyone really say "Hey how yah doin better"



Randy M

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Well, since Randy showed up, here is a pic of me from last summer... I am wearing my Road Hockey jersey (LHDSHFJ = Long Haired Dope Smokin Hippy Friends of Jesus) and swillin a Pilsner while fleeing from the cops in what was undoubtedly the most wicked time to be had.....




Okay, just kidding, but still :P

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